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A Homemade Cleaning Spray Recipe To Make In 2 Seconds Flat

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I have got a great winter scented homemade cleaning spray for you today, that I’ve been using to naturally clean my home. It takes all of two seconds to make for a no-fuss, speedy clean.

February is always a difficult month, I find. The clocks go back in October, and from then on in it’s the cheery march to all the end of year festivities, twinkly lights and delicious food and all. January comes, and it feels like a bit of a reset. A quiet time to take stock, reflect and make plans for moving forward.

And then comes February. Pesky February. Far away from the festivities to make them seem like a long distant memory. And far enough from spring that it doesn’t feel like the mornings and early evenings will ever be anything but dark. I tend to find the worst of the winter weather seems to bite in February too. Right now, it’s snowing and we’ve just come through Storm Ciara. Hibernation until Spring always feels like a good idea round about now.

I’m trying to change my mindset on winter, and recently I read an article on the Norwegian secret to enjoying winter. It turns out Norwegians view their long dark winters as something to celebrate, so I’m trying to bring about some of that Norwegian attitude to Scotland.

I’ve started small – adapting an old favourite natural cleaning recipe to make my home smell like a forest in wintertime. I may not want to go out in the snow today, but at least I can pretend I am. It’s a start, right?!

How to Make Homemade Cleaning Spray

Here’s my favourite homemade cleaning spray recipe with a winter twist, that can be whipped up in seconds:

You Will Need:

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A 500 ml spray bottle

500 ml cooled boiled water

2 teaspoons liquid castile soap (the citrus, eucalyptus, or peppermint Dr. Broners liquid castile soap works particularly well in this recipe, but any version is fine).

10 drops pine essential oil

10 drops cedarwood essential oil


Add the two teaspoons of liquid castile soap to your empty bottle (a funnel may help), and the essential oils.

Next add the cooled boiled water, and add the spray top.

Shake gently, and you’re good to go!

Directions for Use

This homemade cleaning spray is a great multipurpose spray that can be used all around the house. Shake well before use to disperse the oils and away you go.

If using on wood I always recommend spraying the cloth and then wiping your surface to avoid over saturating your wood, as this could cause it to warp.

Safety First

Keep all homemade cleaning products and their raw ingredients (particularly essential oils) out of the reach of children and pets.

Wear gloves for cleaning if you have sensitive skin.

Some essential oils aren’t recommended for use around children, pets, or during pregnancy. I’m off the personal belief, that using essential oils in this highly diluted manner for a product that is not ingested or applied to the skin doesn’t pose a risk – certainly not more of a risk than using conventional cleaning products. However, I would encourage you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions as to which, if any, oils are right for you.

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AD | Our Home Updates

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Last year I shared a look at our refurbished bedroom. We’d done a lot of insulation works, and redecorating works, but then left things where they were because we had a home extension plan.

Well, February saw us commence building works to create an ensuite off our bedroom. After quite a long time of pain and dust (a lot of dust), our extension is now complete, and we now have a bijoux en-suite wetroom. It might seem like a lot of pain to go through for such a small extension, but let me tell you, having that room upstairs is lifechanging!


To give us the space we needed to put the en-suite in, we extended our house to the side, over a single storey lean-to where our front door is, but we had problems with headroom so our shower is down some steps!

moral fibres shower

It’s a difficult space to photograph because like the rest of our house it’s very small, but we opted for a single colour scheme – white – to make the space feel as large as possible.

Whilst the work was on, we slept downstairs in the living room on airbeds for two months. It was wonderful to get back into our bed again. I had missed it SO much! Our bed made of 150 recycled plastic bottles, which is a fantastic use of plastic bottles. Sounds sweaty? Not at all – I wrote a full review of it over here.

We haven’t made any changes to our bedroom, beyond the addition of a door through to the bathroom. The only other minor change is that Silentnight recently sent me a set of their new Eco Comfort Pillows to try out, made from 100% recyclable plastic bottles. Each hypoallergenic Eco Comfort Pillow made prevents around 17 plastic bottles going into landfill or the ocean, and is made here in the UK, giving it a low carbon footprint.

The pillows are soft, plump and bouncy, and don’t require any fluffing up – a boon for people like me who would rather spend that time at night sleeping rather than plumping pillows! And like the Eco Comfort mattress, despite being made of plastic, the pillows are soft and breathable, and the only indication that they are made of plastic is the little label on the side reminding me that 17 plastic bottles were used.

Unlike some pillows, they are also machine washable to keep them fresh and expand their life.

Whilst the work was on we had the loft space in our spare room downstairs insulated. It was too cold to spend much time in, so before it was a bit of a dumping ground, but now it’s insulated it’s a much cosier space and useful space. There are loads of grants out there that will top up your loft insulation for free, making your home warmer and less costly to heat. If you rent, speak to your landlord about the grant schemes.

This spare room is now an office for my partner and me, a space for my partner to play drums, and a guest bedroom for any overnight guests. This makes it sound huge, but it is little – a desk in one corner, the drums in another and a sofa bed. It’s not quite finished but we are getting there slowly!

I’m hoping to share more updates as and when we progress!