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Recycled Craft Ideas: DIY Statement Necklace

recycled craft ideas
recycled craft ideas

After some recycled craft ideas?  Of course, you are!

The good news is that today on Moral Fibres I’m featuring one of my very favourite internet ladies, Mel Wiggins.  Mel will show you one of her fantastic recycled craft ideas – a DIY statement necklace made out of spare buttons and felt scraps.

Let’s Get Crafty With This Recycled Craft Idea!

Done in just fifteen minutes, this project is the perfect recycled craft idea for anyone lacking in patience for long-winded crafty projects.  And the very best thing is that it’s so easy that even a crafting novice like me can easily complete it!

If you’re looking for some recycled craft ideas for kids then this would also be the perfect project.  Now that the summer holidays are in full swing then if you’ve got bored kids on your hand just hand them some buttons, felt, scissors, and glue (with supervision of course!).

You Will Need:

Various buttons

A scrap of felt

Length of ribbon

Glue Gun



diy bib necklace

Place your buttons on the felt and arrange them in the shape you like.

statement necklace diy

Glue the buttons onto the felt with the hot glue gun and then cut around the shape.

make recycled necklace

Cut two bits of ribbon to your desired length (the longer the better).  Next hot glue them to either side of the back of the felt.

Now admire the finished product!

diy necklace

Leave the glue to dry, then ta-da!  A boutique-looking piece made for just pennies from recycled materials!

recycled craft ideas

If you enjoyed Mel’s tutorial then you can follow her fantastic blog here, and also find her on Twitter and Instagram.

I don’t know about you but I’m off to give this a go!  And if you’ve got any favourite recycled craft ideas then do share in the comments below!

ps: some other craft ideas for kids – craft ideas from junkcraft ideas from cork, and my craft ideas Pinterest board, full of crafty ideas and projects that I’ve found!

Main photo by Patrizia Ferri

Arts & Crafts, Life & Style

A Simple Recycled Christmas Craft Idea

recycled Christmas crafts
recycled Christmas crafts

Looking to make a recycled Christmas craft for a great homemade present idea? Read on!

I am always so busy at Christmas time. Between the rush to finish up projects at work, so that they’re not hanging over my head on my return to work in the New Year. And all the things that come along with having kids – ALL the parties, and events. And all the stressful Christmas preparation. In short, Christmas is a whirlwind.

I may have been really busy lately, but I did manage to fit in the one whole minute it takes to make this DIY snowglobe. It’s made from recycled materials and makes for a fantastic recycled Christmas craft ideas. Let me show you how to make it.

Recycled Christmas Craft Idea

As well as coming together really quickly, the good thing is that all the items you need for this recycled Christmas craft are things you probably have lying around the house.

You will need

  • A clean and dry jar and lid
  • Some salt. I used a mix of sea salt and table salt.  Sugar would also do the trick.
  • Some blue-tac
  • A Christmas decoration. I used an old tree decoration and I recycled a tree from a previous year’s Christmas cake. Hoarding for the crafting win!
recycled christmas craft


To make your recycled Christmas craft, take your empty jar, and affix your decorations to the bottom of the jar using the blue-tac.

Next, add a few spoonfuls of your salt (or sugar).

Pop the lid on.

And there you have it: a DIY snowglobe that’s perfect for a last-minute (quite literally!) gift or decoration.  I plan on making a few more before Christmas to arrange in clusters on my mantlepiece, to create a snowy Christmas wonderland!

Show me your photos on Twitter or Facebook if you make your own!  And do share with readers any recycled Christmas crafts ideas you have or have made in the comments below – we’d love to see them! And do also check out my zero-waste Christmas decorations to craft for more recycled Christmas inspiration.

ps: do check out my guide to eco-friendly Christmas trees if you have decorating on your mind!