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25+ Best Men’s Ethical Clothing Brands for 2022

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Looking for the best men’s ethical clothing companies and brands for 2022?  Right this way – I’ve got over 25 sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical brands that you need to know about.

To help support the running costs of Moral Fibres, this post contains affiliate links, denoted by *. Moral Fibres may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to readers, on items purchased through these links. This income helps keep this site running.

I regularly get emails from male Moral Fibres readers asking about men’s ethical clothing brands and companies. This is because men’s ethical clothing can be a little trickier to track down than their female counterparts.  The reported eco gender gap doesn’t help either. Unfortunately, there is definitely less choice out there for men.

However, don’t be discouraged. There are lots of great shops and companies out there catering to the ethical man. In fact, I’ve got over 25 brands that cater to men, and are doing some great things. From sustainable fabric choices to ethical production methods, and brands embracing circularity, there’s lots of exciting work happening.

First off, here are the quick links for men’s ethical clothing brands in case you just want to visit the site of a particular brand. Scroll down past this section if you want more information about each ethical clothing brand, including a price key. Some ethical brands have also offered exclusive discount codes for Moral Fibres readers, so keep reading for these too.

The Best Men’s Ethical Clothing Brands

Image showing a flatlay of checked shirt, a pair of jeans, a belt and some boots, with a blue text box that says the ultimate guide to men's ethical clothing

Here are over 25 ethical clothing brands for men available in the UK, which I’ve categorised by size and budget to make it easy to find the brands that suit you best.

I’m mindful that everyone has different ethics when it comes to clothing. As such, this guide has been designed to be a starting-off point for you to research the most sustainable option for your own particular set of ethics.

This list will be ever-evolving as I find more shops.  In fact, it’s been updated for 2022. So make sure that you bookmark this post or add it to Pinterest so you can revisit it on a semi-regular basis!

The price range key for this guide is £ = Under £50 | ££ = £50 – 100 | £££ = £100+

Beyond Retro

Budget: £

Cater for: sizes XS to XXL

If you’re into vintage clothing and one-off vintage pieces then Beyond Retro* says they have the biggest range of men’s and unisex vintage fashion in the UK.  Their clothing spans from the 1950s to the 1990s, and they carry a wide range of styles.  You can shop by clothing type, by brand, by era, and even by type of fabric should you wish to avoid synthetic fibres. Sizes vary, being vintage, however Beyond Retro generally caters for sizes XS to XXL.

Use the exclusive code MORALFIBRES at the checkout to receive 15% off your order at Beyond Retro.

Bam: Bamboo Clothing

Budget: ££

Cater for: sizes S to XXL

Bam: Bamboo* sells sustainably sourced activewear made from bamboo.  This includes low impact jeans.  Apparently, it takes around 7600l of water to make a conventional pair of jeans.  Bam: Bamboo says their jeans require less water to make.

Rather than just stopping there, Bam: Bamboo is also seeking to be impact positive.  As such, they are making great steps to minimise their impacts on climate, waste, water, chemicals, humans, and land use. It’s all really positive stuff.

Brothers We Stand Men’s Ethical Clothing

Brothers We Stand ethical men's clothing

Budget: £ – £££

Cater for: sizes S to XXL

Brothers We Stand sells design-led ethical menswear, that seeks to minimise the impact on people and the planet.

Brothers We Stand requires the designers and brands that manufacture products in our collection to provide them with a full breakdown of their supply chains. They then summarise this and share it in their product ‘footprint’ tabs under each product on their website, for full transparency.

Every product in their collections also has a clearly demonstrated positive impact on people or the planet that goes beyond the norm. Examples of stand-out social impact include working to fair trade criteria, programmes of worker training and capacity building, or in-house production which allows greater control over working conditions. Meanwhile, examples of stand-out environmental impact include designing a product that will be used for many years, using more sustainable materials, and energy efficiency in manufacturing and transportation.


Budget: £

Cater for: sizes S to L

Cariki* is a London-based streetwear brand producing ethical clothing for the younger generation. Using a variety of materials, such as organic cotton and recycled polyester, they also ship their items plastic-free. 

Cock and Bull Ethical Men’s Clothing

Budget: £ – £££

Cater for: sizes S to XXL

Cock and Bull Menswear are a dedicated menswear label based in East London. Here they manufacture small runs and limited edition menswear staples entirely in the United Kingdom. Their entire range is made from sustainable fabrics and textiles by UK-based artisans and textile artists with an emphasis on hand-made and hand-finished items. This enables them to continue a tradition of clothes making in the UK and reduces their carbon footprint.

Shop Cock & Bull for super stylish jeans, t-shirts, tweed jackets, bomber jackets, caps, and more. 


Budget: ££ – £££

Cater for: sizes XS to XXL

Finisterre* is an ethically made and sustainable outdoor clothing brand, catering for men and women. So much so, that they are a certified B-Corp. This independently verifies that Finisterre is committed to prioritising the environment and society in the way they do business. Finisterre is also committed to full transparency in their supply chain, and holding their partners to the same high standards they expect of themselves.

What I also love is that Finisterre has also carefully considered its packaging. In fact, In terms of packaging, all of Finisterre’s packaging materials are compostable or recyclable. And, to add, to that, Finisterre also offers a repair service to keep your Finisterre clothing going for longer.

Hiut Denim

Budget: £££

Cater for: sizes 28″ to 40″ waists and they offer a range of leg sizes

Hiut ethically makes beautiful bespoke jeans, handmade in Cardigan.  These are expensive jeans, but whilst the initial outlay might be high, expect a pair to last forever.  Hiut stands by their jeans even when they fail you. As such they offer free repairs for the life of your jeans, with just one rule. That rule? You have to send them back washed!

Looking for more ethical denim? Try my big guide to ethical jeans for more retailers.


Budget: £ – ££

Cater for: sizes S to XXL

Howies produce active clothing for men that are ethically made. Using natural and sustainable fabrics, their clothes are designed to last as long as possible. Therefore, their t-shirts, jeans, and sweats are made from organic cotton which is Better Cotton Initiative and Oeko Tex certified. Their sport base layers are made from the highest quality Merino wool and their underwear is made using plant-based modal fibres.


Budget: £ – ££

Cater for: sizes S to XL

As one of the original pioneers of ethical clothing, since 1988 all of Komodo’s products* are ethically made from sustainable fabrics. From GOTS certified and Soil Association certified organic cotton to linen, Tencel, and hemp. What’s more, they use traditional local manufacturing skills where possible. Komodo has a wide range of casual ethical men’s clothing.

Lost Shapes Men’s Ethical Clothing

Lost shapes t-shirt made in the UK

Budget: £

Cater for: sizes XS to XXL

Lost Shapes* sells organic cotton Earth Positive t-shirts and jumpers hand-printed in the UK with water-based inks. The quality is second to none and from experience, I can personally attest that each item washes really well.  My partner is still wearing a Lost Shapes t-shirt he got 8 years ago and it is still going strong!

Lyme Terrace 

Budget: ££

Cater for: sizes S to L

Lyme Terrace makes ethically made shirts, t-shirts, and jumpers, all of which are made in the UK.  Their small but perfectly formed collection is made with organic, recycled, and/or regenerated fabrics (such as recycled polyester).  They are transparent about their supply chains, and on their website, you can learn more about the factories that produce their clothes. 

Mangata London

Budget: ££

Cater for: sizes S to XL

Looking for men’s sustainable swimwear?  Good news then, Mangata London* makes contemporary swim shorts made with the environment in mind. Their collection uses a super soft fabric made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Their range of premium swim shorts are made in small production runs in Romania, and the Mangata team works closely with their manufacturer to use materials efficiently to keep waste to a minimum. 

Monkee Genes

Budget: ££

Cater for: sizes S to XL

Monkee Genes are purveyors of organic bamboo jeans that are beautifully soft. All of their clothes are made in GOTS certified organic factories.  You can also find chinos, tops, and jackets in sizes S to XL. My only gripe is that Monkee Genes only come in two leg lengths – regular and long.  The regular leg length is 32″. This means if you are on the shorter side then you may struggle with the fit.


Budget: ££ – £££

Cater for: sizes S to XL

Morcant* is a gender-neutral essentials label founded in Sheffield. Their aim is to make functional everyday clothing using high-quality & long-lasting premium fabrics. With sustainability at the core of the brand, each piece of their organic collection is crafted using certified eco-friendly materials and ethically manufactured in Bangladesh. 

Nudie Jeans

Budget: £££

Cater for: waist sizes 24″ to 38″ and a 26″ to 36″ leg

Nudie Jeans* are ethically made from Fairtrade organic cotton and recycled cotton.  And if your Nudie jeans ever need mending you can pop into their London shop for a free repair service forever.  If you’re not London-based, then don’t worry, they can send you a repair kit free of charge.  Once your jeans are finally worn out, you can send them back to Nudie and they’ll recycle them into new jeans. Circularity at its best!

Organic Basics Men’s Ethical Clothing

organic basics ethical clothing for men

Budget: ££ – £££

Cater for: sizes S to XXL

One of my favourite men’s ethical clothing companies, Danish-based Organic Basics* sells men’s underwear, activewear, jumpers, hoodies, jeans, and more in sizes S to XXL. These are all made from organic and recycled materials.  Organic Basics say “The fashion industry is dirty – but it can be better. We constantly search for better innovation, we have a visionary use of sustainable materials – and a continued focus on ethical production” and I have to say I’m a big fan.  Use discount code WENDYOBC for 10% off your order.

Origin Africa

Budget: £

Cater for: sizes XS to XL

Origin Africa* is the UK’s first 100% not-for-profit fashion brand, making contemporary ethical and sustainable unisex garments in sizes XS to XL.  These are produced using 100% organic cotton and vegan-approved water-based dyes.  What’s more, profits are used to fund social enterprises in Africa.  These include projects around improving child health through proper sanitation, and female empowerment through skills training and education


Budget: £

Cater for: sizes XS – XXXL

Oxfam* has a super collection of secondhand clothes for sale on their website.  This means you don’t have to spend hours wandering around charity shops, where it can be tricky to find a good range of men’s clothing.  Instead, grab a drink and peruse their vast secondhand menswear collection from the comfort of your sofa.  Again, the sizes available vary, although they do have big, tall, and plus-size filters.  

Check out my guide on where to buy secondhand clothing online for more secondhand shopping ideas.


Budget: ££ – £££

Cater for: sizes XS to XXL

Patagonia* makes responsibly-made outdoor clothing designed to last and to be repairable.  Find hoodies, jumpers, shirts, jackets, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, and more here. Their website also gives advice on how to repair all Patagonia items, which is seriously useful.  And for any clothing that can’t be repaired then you can drop it off at a Patagonia store for recycling or repurposing. 

Playa London

Budget: ££

Cater for: sizes S to L

Playa London* has decided to make one thing, and make that one thing well: shirts.  All of their vegan shirts are made from 100% organic cotton and feature sustainably sourced wooden buttons instead of plastic ones.  What’s more, shirts are posted to you in plastic-free packaging. And to add to that, £3 from each purchase is donated to Plastic Ocean UK, experts in ocean plastic pollution, to help tackle ocean pollution.



Cater for: sizes XS to XXL

Rapanui is an Isle of Wight outfit focusing on eco-friendly and ethically made casual t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, and hoodies for men. My partner has bought many Rapanui t-shirts over the years, and from experience, I would say avoid the printed tops and stick with plain ones. This is because the paint doesn’t seem to last more than 6 months of regular wearing and washing before the ink starts to wear off.

Every product they make is designed to be sent back to Rapanui for recycling when it is worn out, which is really great. So great, because Rapanui make new products from the material they recover, and the cycle itself is renewable. In fact, their products can be returned and remade again and again and again. However, you don’t expect new clothes to wear out after 6 months. So stick to the unprinted clothes for the lowest eco-footprint and best value for money.


Budget: £

Cater for: sizes XXS to XXXL

Rokit* offers a huge selection of men’s vintage clothing online, catering for sizes XXS to XXXL.  This is the most inclusive sizing for men’s ethical clothing that I’ve found.  Their vast collection of pre-worn vintage & designer secondhand clothes means there is something for everyone. From sports, street, designer to vintage, whatever your style, Rokit stocks it.

Every item is cleaned and pressed before being added to the web page or sent to the store, meaning no nasty surprises either.

They have also developed our own Rokit Originals Range. This is a collection of reworked vintage pieces. This gives a new life to old garments and creates new items to be loved over the long term, keeping old clothes out of landfill.

Seasalt Ethical Men’s Clothing

Seasalt men's clothing

Budget: £ – ££

Cater for: sizes S to XXL

Seasalt* specialises in ethically made laidback leisurewear for men – including t-shirts, casual shirts, jackets, and other types of clothing.  Look out for GOTS-certified organic cotton products and waterproof fabrics made from organic cotton. In fact, Seasalt was the very first fashion company to achieve Soil Association GOTS certification in 2005, and they’ve continued to do great things by bringing sustainability to the high street at more affordable price points.


Budget: £

Cater for: sizes S to XL

If you’re looking for ethical hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and polo shirts for active lifestyles, then Silverstick* is the one to go to. 

Silverstick has put the outdoors and sustainability at the foundation of their design of your clothes, which they say you should “buy once, wear often, and love forever”. With ethically made men’s clothes made from high-quality organic cotton fabric and hand-printed with outdoor motifs in eco-friendly inks, you’ll definitely wear them often and love them forever.

Do check out my full guide to ethical hoodies, for more suggestions.


Budget: £ – ££

Cater for: sizes XS to XXL

Thought* makes easy-to-wear fairtrade clothing made from sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, and/or organic cotton.  These require less water, fewer pesticides, and create less CO2. What’s more, they upcycle their leftover fabric at the source so as to reduce waste and create new products. Find smart ethical shirts for work here, as well as sustainably and responsibly made casual t-shirts, trousers, shorts, and jackets.

Yew Ethical Men’s Clothing

Budget: £

Cater for: sizes S to XL

Yew Clothing make ethically made sports and casual wear for men, all of which are made from sustainable materials.  They only use eco-friendly materials like 100% recycled polyester, made from re-processed plastic bottles for their fleeces, performance tops, and base layers, or soft organic cotton for their t-shirts.

What Can I Do To Make Men’s Ethical Clothing More Accessible?

To make the ethical fashion movement more inclusive to all, then it’s important to take action beyond your wallet.

To help make ethical fashion more affordable, things that you can do to help engender change include asking High St brands who make their clothes (see Fashion Revolution for their great resources).  This will help press for transparency and sustainability on the High Street, making ethical clothing much more accessible for all.

You can also support Clean Clothes Campaign’s Pay Up drive, whereby they are pressing the global fashion brands that have refused to pay for over $16 billion worth of goods ordered since the outbreak of COVID-19. Big brands cancelled all orders placed before the crisis – some of which had already been shipped. This financially devastated factories since they had already had to pay for fabric and other production costs for these orders. Many were left with no money to pay workers’ wages.

As always, if you know of any other men’s ethical clothing companies/stockists that you think should be included here then do drop me a line!

ps: if you like this then you might also be interested in my post on ethical men’s underwear.

Ethical Fashion, Life & Style

The Best Ethical Sandals & Flip-Flops For Summer

From ethical walking sandals to vegan sandals, to sustainable and plastic-free flip-flops and more, I’ve got all your eco-friendly summer footwear needs covered.

I’ve got an entire guide to ethical shoes and even ethical trainers. And as the sun has been positively shining lately, today let’s focus our attention on ethical sandals and other summer footwear staples, such as flip flops.

Before we dive in, it is important to bear in mind that sustainability is a complex and nuanced subject. There’s no official definition and the term means many different things to many different people. I’m therefore mindful that everyone has different ethics when it comes to footwear and the materials used in their manufacture. As such, this guide has been designed to be a starting-off point for you to research the most sustainable option for you, rather than a definitive “this is ethical” list.

Guide to Ethical Sandals

Here are the best ethical sandals and flip flops that I’ve been able to track down for you. From sandals made from recycled materials to sandals aiming to be circular, right through to vegan sandals and plastic-free flip flops. Do bear in mind that sandals, like shoes, are notoriously difficult to make ethically. This is due to the numerous components that go into making them. As such options are limited, and you probably won’t find a sandal that ticks 100% of your own particular ethical boxes. Instead, you may have to exercise a degree of compromise.

The price range key for this guide is £ = Under £50 | ££ = £50 – 100 | £££ = £100+

This post contains affiliate links, denoted by *. Moral Fibres may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to readers, on items that are purchased through those links. This income helps keep this site running.


Birkenstock ethical sandals

Price range: £ – ££

I bought a pair of Birkenstocks* WAY back in 2006, and, do you know what? I’m still wearing the exact same pair today. These ethical sandals are almost indestructible. I know, I have worn mine every single summer since. I’ve walked perhaps a thousand miles in them – maybe more – and these beauties are still going. They have just this year started to unravel at the footbed, but after 15 years that’s some pretty good innings. In terms of cost per wear, you simply cannot beat Birkenstocks.

I always think of Birkenstocks as being the opposite of fast fashion, as they always maintain a grasp on who they are by not conforming to specific trends. However, what makes Birkenstocks ethical and sustainable is the main component is super sustainable cork.

In some previous research on cork, I found out that to extract the cork not a single tree is cut down.  Instead, the bark of the cork oak trees is peeled away.  The cork is then carefully extracted manually by highly skilled harvesters. The cork then simply grows back. This system preserves the forest in its pristine entirety and enables perpetual harvesting with no damage to the forest or ecosystem. It’s pretty amazing stuff, really.

Birkenstock makes all of its products in Germany. And for top eco points, Birkenstock offers its own repair service. I’ve also heard good things about The Boot Repair Company, which also repairs Birkenstocks.

Birkenstock offers both vegan and non-vegan leather options, depending on your preferences. Their vegan ranges are entirely free of animal products and are verified by independent testing laboratories. However, something I did note is many sandals in their vegan range are made from Birko-Flor, which appears to be PVC-based plastic.  PVC is the single most environmentally damaging plastic. This is because PVC is made out of petroleum (a fossil fuel), which contributes to carbon emissions. The manufacturing process of PVC uses a lot of resources, and it releases a lot of toxic chemicals. Leather isn’t without its environmental and ethical problems either. Who said making sustainable choices was easy?


Camper ethical and circular sandals

Price range: £ – ££

Camper* has slowly been working on increasing its use of recycled materials and eco-friendly fabrics. Recently they’ve introduced circular styles which use closed-loop materials or can be transformed into new products at the end of their life. Their goal is to send no waste to landfill by 2030.

At the moment Camper’s circular range is small, but the good news is that these Wabi vegan sandals are part of their ethical Better Collection range. That means that you can return the sandals back to Camper when they reach the end of their life. They will then be ground down to restart life as a new sole or shoe. This sounds good. However, at present these particular sandals are made of only 20% recycled materials, and the remaining 80% is made of virgin plastic, which is oh, about 80% too much, given that fossil fuels are required to make plastics. I hope Camper can nudge the recycled figure upwards as they expand their Circular range. I’ll keep you updated.

Matt & Nat

Matt and Nat vegan sandals in black

Price range: £ – ££

Matt and Nat’s vegan sandals* are a stylish choice if you want to avoid animal-based fabrics. Matt and Nat are a strictly vegan company and do not use any animal products whatsoever.

However, like many vegan shoe materials, there are trade-offs. Good on You highlights shortcomings when it comes to Matt and Nat. For a start, the company does use PVC plastic in some of their products, which, as we discussed in the section on Birkenstocks, is not good for the environment.

The good news is that these Cyndie sandals are made from 100% recycled Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). PVB is an innovative material made from 100% recycled resin from windshield glass, making it a better choice than PVC.

Whilst these specific sandals are made from ethical materials, there are also question marks over Matt and Nat’s ethics. Matt and Nat’s products are made in China, and Good on You highlights a lack of transparency over certain aspects of production. There are no details on the specific measures they undertake to ensure that their labour standards are being upheld. There is also no evidence that Matt and Nat has, or requires suppliers to use, a Code of Conduct. Reading this I would say that Matt and Nat are a vegan shoe company, rather than an ethical shoe company.


Teva walking sandals in black

Price range: £ – ££

Many years ago I had a pair of Teva walking sandals* which I absolutely adored. They were one of the most comfortable pairs of sandals I had ever worn. After they wore out, I replaced them with my near-indestructible Birkenstocks, and I hadn’t revisited the brand until recently when I started hearing more and more about Teva’s eco-friendly and ethical credentials.

It turns out that Teva has really upped their eco game in recent years, and has made solid progress in terms of reducing their water consumption, reducing waste and packaging, and increasing their use of recycled materials in making their sandals. In fact, in 2020, Teva transitioned all of its sandal straps to traceable verifiable recycled plastic. Since then, they say they’ve diverted 24 million plastic bottles from landfills.

Teva has a wide range of walking sandals, sandals, and flip-flops. Do bear in mind that if you are looking for vegan sandals, then not all Teva shoes are vegan-friendly. However, they do have many vegan styles, so you won’t be short on choice.


Vivobarefoot tan leather sandals

Price range: £££

If minimal soled ethical sandals are more your thing, then Vivobarefoot* has you covered. This certified B-Corp’s ethical sandals are made from premium leather offcuts from their shoe production, making them a zero-waste sandal. Whilst Vivobarefoot does have a vegan range, unfortunately, they don’t offer a vegan sandal option. Yes, like virgin plastic, leather isn’t the most sustainable material. However, Vivobarefoot’s leather is ethically sourced as a byproduct from small-scale Ethiopian farmers. And as you can see, they are committed to using every last scrap.

Aiming for circularity, Vivobarefoot offers a repair service. And for shoes that have reached the end of their life, you can send them back to Vivobarefoot. Here, their skilled team reconditions the old shoes, by carefully repairing seams, patching torn or weak areas, replacing broken eyelets and lace hooks, and more. By keeping shoes out of landfill, this benefits the planet and allows people to shop at lower price points whilst helping to support circular business practices.

Waves Flip Flops

Waves ethical plastic-free flip flops

Price range: £

Are you looking for plastic-free and vegan flip-flops? Step forward Waves ethical flip flops*. Yup, the holy grail of footwear materials – a plastic-free vegan product – is possible! You see, many flip flops are made from petroleum-based rubber and plastics. However, Waves flip-flops are made from 100% natural rubber that’s FSC certified.

Any off-cuts from the manufacturing process get granulated. These rubber granules are then used to create flip flops. This system cuts down on the total amount of rubber that producers need to grow, thereby reducing water, land, and energy usage. You can also send back your worn-out Waves, and again, these will be recycled. You’ll also get 10% off your next order, by way of thanks for keeping your old flip flops out of landfill.

Which Ethical Sandals Should I Buy?

I find footwear to be the most tricky aspect of an ethical wardrobe. Therefore, when it comes to ethical sandals it’s no easy matter. Any new shoe or sandal will take a toll on the earth.

What to choose depends on whether you value plastic-free products, or whether you value vegan and cruelty-free products more. If it’s too tricky to choose, then ask if flip-flops could fulfill your footwear needs. Of course, this then brings other quandaries. What is better for the environment? Flip-flops that may require regular replacing or a sandal that may have a much longer lifespan?

There’s a lot to think about. However, don’t forget the ultimate eco-friendly and ethical option. Simply ask yourself do you actually need to buy a new pair of sandals? Could your existing pair of sandals be repaired? Could you find what you need secondhand? I always find this the best starting point before buying something new.