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Is vintage fur ethical?

is vintage fur ethical

A reader got in touch the other day asking if wearing and/or buying vintage fur is ethical or not.  And it stumped me.

My only experience with vintage fur was when I inherited a mink hat from my grandmother at the age of 18.  It wasn’t pretty, wasn’t the kind of thing I would ever wear, and I didn’t have any fond memories of my grandmother wearing (I can’t remember her ever wearing it to be honest), so I passed it on to the charity shop as I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  However, I understand it might be a bit different if it’s quite a sentimental piece or something amazing looking you’ve found in a vintage shop.

So, I thought it might be best if we opened up the debate to see what you think.  I love a good debate, and Moral Fibres readers are so clued up and thoughtful that I would love to hear your thoughts on vintage fur.

Do you have any advice for this reader?  What’s your take on the is vintage fur ethical conundrum?  Is vintage fur ok to buy on eBay or in charity or vintage shops?  Or is it only ok to wear if it’s inherited from your grandmother or great aunt?  Is wearing vintage fur ok if you’re a vegetarian or vegan?  If it’s not ok to wear, what would you do with it if you’ve happened to inherit it?  All the questions!  I’m looking forward to your responses.

Got a question you want Moral Fibres readers to answer.  Drop me an email on and we’ll open it up for some debate.

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Five Stylish Ethical Shoes

inkkas ethical shoes

Ethical shoes get a bad rap.  A lot of people think of someone who is fond of the environment, and immediately conjure up an image of someone wearing socks and sandals.  Unflattering sandals at that.  But who says ethical shoes have to be frumpy?  I’ve found five gorgeous ethical shoes from five different ethical companies, proving that your feet can be as sustainably stylish as the rest of your wardrobe:


inkkas ethical shoes

How pretty are these Dolomite Low Tops from Inkkas?  Inkkas plant a tree for every pair of shoes they sell, and say they are established on the principles of fair trade, authenticity and social consciousness.  Their shoes are also pretty funky.

El Naturalista

el naturalista ethical shoes


How about some pretty sandals for summer?  This pair from El Naturalista are made as ethically and environmentally friendly as is possible when working with leather, and El Naturalista have even recently expanded their range to include vegan shoes.


ethical shoes po zu


Po Zu specialise in stylish ethical shoes made from vegan materials, chrome free leather and even pineapple.  I have to say that I have had my eye on these vegan friendly Piper V Brown Linen Boots for quite some time now, but just about every pair of their shoes could easily make my wishlist!


veja ethical shoes

I’ve featured Veja a few times on the blog lately, and for good reason – Veja pride themselves on transparency, organic materials and fair trade sourcing.  And not just that – their ethical shoes are lovely.  These vegan canvas trainers would be a great timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Beyond Skin

beyond skin bumble bee ethical shoes

Finally, Beyond Skin specialise in vegan shoes, and if these Bee Shoes aren’t the cutest things you have ever seen then I don’t know what is.

Do you have any ethical shoe brands that you love?  Do share in the comments below!