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Stylish Ethical Hats For Autumn & Beyond

Let’s chat about ethical hats!

There’s a definite nip in the air and a decidedly satisfying crunch underfoot. And you’ll rarely see me without a cup of (plastic-free) tea in hand.   I’m no fortune teller but I would say it’s pretty much time to dig out our hats, scarves, jumpers, and other cold-weather gear in anticipation of the shifting seasons.

This year I’m digging out my old favourites. However, if you’re in need of something new then I’ve rounded up four of my favourite stylish ethical hat brands that will keep you cosy and looking sharp over the coming months.

Where to Buy Ethical Hats


Finisterre ethical hats

Finisterre*, a B Corp certified business, makes cosy, functional, and stylish knitwear, including ethical hats. These hats are made from 100% natural fibres that are built to last.

I have a couple of pieces that were gifted to me two years ago that still look as good as new. This is despite being worn pretty much every day over two winters.  Should they ever need repair, it’s reassuring to know that Finisterre offers a repair service. Here, Finisterre’s repair gurus – Annie, Amy, and Ally – will work their magic, making your gear look like new.

Gudrun Sjoden

Gudrun Sjoden ethical hats

Like the feel and the cosy factor of cashmere, but lack the budget?  Me too, my friend, me too.  Thankfully, ethical pioneers Gudrun Sjoden sell beautifully coloured recycled cashmere hats for £29. This means you can enjoy the luxury look for less.  

Hilary Grant

ethical hats autumn

Orkney-based Hilary Grant designs beautiful knitwear that is as Scottish as you can get.  Her products are produced from mulesing-free lambswool sourced from the Scottish Borders.  The fibres are then spun and dyed on the east coast of Scotland. Then Hilary and her team work their magic in Orkney.  

Scarves, hats, gloves, and blankets are Hilary’s speciality, in a range of stunning patterns and colourways, all in the softest lambswool.  Throw one of her hats or scarves on and I’ll swear you’ll never want to take it off!

Wonky Woolies Ethical Hats

ethical hats wonky woolies

Wonky Woolies are a new company to me, specialising in the highest quality knitted bobble hats, scarves, and infinity bands. All of these products are designed, knitted, and hand-finished in their Scottish Borders workshop.  From funky patterns to classic argyle patterns, there’s something for everyone.  

Some products are made from acrylic wool, but a high proportion are made from natural fibres. Do keep that in mind when you are browsing if 100% natural fibres are important to you.  

If you come across any other ethical hats, then as always let me know in the comments below!  And do check out my guide to ethical coats and ethical rucksacks.

ps: here’s a handy guide on how to wash wool so you can give your ethical hats the best possible treatment!

PPS: I have refrained from making any terrible hat puns in this article.  Anyone who knows me will know how difficult this has been for me, so please send your support in this difficult time!   

Ethical Fashion, Life & Style

Ethical Clothing Inspiration for Autumn

Ready for some autumnal ethical clothing inspiration?

Come the end of summer I always like to take a good look at my wardrobe.  I remove what clothes didn’t work for me over the summer and donate or sell them. I also pop the summer things I still love into storage ready for next summer. And then I pull out the colder weather clothes I stored away.

My favourite thing about getting my cold weather clothes out of storage is that you always feel like you have been reunited with a long lost friend. 

For the last few years, I’ve had a bit of a love affair with cord (see exhibit A and exhibit B). This autumn I have been reunited with my favourite cord dresses.  I’ve also been reunited with some of my cosiest cardigans, which all in all makes for a very happy Wendy.    

Whilst my favourites are all old and no longer available, I have found some lovely pieces that I would snap up in a heartbeat. Therefore, if you are after some cord and cardigan based ethical clothing inspiration, as well as a couple of other lovely autumnal pieces, then here you go!

Autumnal Ethical Clothing Inspiration

ethical clothing inspiration for autumn

1. This navy Nomads number* is pretty similar to my navy cord dress (exhibit B!).  I’d pair it with the top pictured below it to brighten it up a little.  .

2.  Is there anything better come autumn than wrapping up in a cosy cardigan?  This Celtic and Co beauty fits the bill just perfectly. 

3.  I love the pretty colours in this Thought Clothing hemp top*.  It’s pretty much perfect for pairing with the cord pinafore dress. However, it could also be paired with jeans, trousers, and skirts for multi-purpose dressing.

4.  This Thought Clothing dress* isn’t made of cord (just to keep you on your toes!). Instead, it’s made of sustainable hemp.  With some tights and brogues or boots, this is perfect autumnal workwear.  

5.  Another cord dress!  This petrol coloured People Tree one* is another beauty.

6.  Finally, yet another cord dress.  This plum cord dress* from Nomads is making it’s way on to my wishlist.  It’s also available in mustard*, should you prefer a brighter colour palette.