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Is Vintage Fur Ethical?

is vintage fur ethical

Is vintage fur ethical?  Let’s debate and discuss kindly!

A reader got in touch the other day asking if wearing and/or buying vintage fur is ethical or not.  And it stumped me.

My only experience with fur was when I inherited a mink hat from my grandmother at the age of 18.  It wasn’t pretty – it looked a bit like this.  It wasn’t the kind of thing I would ever wear.  And I didn’t have any fond memories of my grandmother wearing it.  I can’t remember her ever wearing it, to be honest.  So I passed it on to the charity shop as I wasn’t really sure what to do with it.  However, I understand it might be a bit different if it’s quite a sentimental piece or something amazing looking you’ve found in a vintage shop.

Over To You – Is Vintage Fur Ethical?

As my experience with vintage fur is limited, I thought it might be best if we opened up the debate to see what you think.  I love a good debate, and Moral Fibres readers are so clued up and thoughtful, that I would love to hear your kindly-worded thoughts on vintage fur.

Do you have any advice for this Moral Fibres reader?  And what’s your take on this ethical conundrum?  Is vintage fur ok to buy on eBay or in charity or vintage shops?  Or is it only ok to wear if it’s inherited from your grandmother or great aunt?  Is wearing vintage fur ok if you’re a vegetarian or vegan?  If it’s not ok to wear, what would you do with it if you’ve happened to inherit it?  All the questions!  I’m looking forward to your responses.

Got a question you want Moral Fibres readers to answer.  Drop me an email on and we’ll open it up for some debate.

Ethical Fashion, Life & Style

Summer Ethical Clothing Inspiration

summer ethical clothing

Looking for some summer ethical clothing inspiration?

I’ve got summer sun, lazy days, and exploring in mind. As such, I’ve put together a list of lovely ethical pieces from some of my favourite ethical clothing brands that have caught my eye lately.  Call it my fantasy fairtrade shopping list if you will!

Summer Ethical Clothing Inspiration

ethical fashion inspiration

From clockwise:

People Tree top* (£45) – a simple classic for summer days.

Lotta From Stockholm clogs (£56.50) – a stylish sandal upgrade.

People Tree Top* (£60) If I only buy one piece of ethical clothing this summer, it will be this top.  It’s made for picnics in the park.  Also, pockets.

Green People Organic Sunscreen* (£25.00) – Sunscreen without the nasties.  Check out my guide to eco-friendly sunscreen for more suggestions.

Crossed Sunglasses (£95.00) – Expensive sunglasses give me the fear that I’ll drop them, sit on them or leave them sitting on a park bench.  One day I’ll reach Grownup Level 10.  This is where I’ll be incredibly responsible with sunglasses, and consider a pair of these sustainable beauties.

Veja Trainers (€75) – for off-road adventuring.  And they’re vegan-friendly too.

ethical clothing lookbook

Komodo Checked ‘Wendy’ Dress (£48) – this checked dress has my name all over it, quite literally.

Monkee Genes Jeans (£40) – for a smart alternative to denim.

Here Today, Here Tomorrow Tote Bag (£105) -for carrying sunscreen, glasses, a good book, and other ethical summer in the park essentials.

Beaumont Organic Cotton Dress (£109) – be still my beating heart.

Thought Organic Cotton Trousers* (£59.90) – cotton trousers for days when you don’t want to get your legs out, or when it’s too cold for dresses.  Because let’s be realistic for just one second: summer in the UK isn’t all sunshine and blue skies!

Thanks for indulging in my summer ethical clothing dreams! What are your plans for the summer?  We plan on sorting out our garden, tending to the allotment, spending sunny days in the park, taking day trips to Fife and East Lothian, and taking a wee holiday on the west coast.  Roll on the nice weather!