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Upcycling Clothes With 6 Fab DIYs

upcycling clothes

repurposing old clothes

There are some really talented people out there on the internet – here’s a round-up of some of the great posts I’ve found lately from bloggers who have been upcycling clothes and given them a fantastic new lease of life.  Click on the links to be taken to the full post from each blogger and instructions from them on how you can do the same:

Six Upcycling Clothes DIYs

potato printed trousers

Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn did some amazing geometric potato printing on a pair of little boy’s jeans she found in a charity shop.  Her toddler is going to look amazing in them!

handprinted t-shirt

And isn’t this potato printed fox top she also made for her son the cutest (in the same post)?

upcycled shirt ideas

Vicky from The Owl and the Accordion is also a crafting wizard!  Not only did  she whip up an embroidered skirt repurposed from a men’s denim shirt, but she also breathed new life into an old leather jacket with this diy stud detailing, creating an up to the minute studded leather jacket.  How is that for upcycling clothes?!

upcycled clothing ideas

This scarf that has been incorporated into a gorgeous shirt from Gypsie Sister has been sitting on my to do list for an age.  It’s just perfect for summer.  And what a clever upcycling idea – I am officially in love!

shirt diys

And finally, in the last of my upcycling clothes ideas, and keeping on the denim shirt theme, this beautiful DIY lace shirt from A Beautiful Mess makes me want to whip out my sewing machine right away!  I’m no sewing wizard but it looks fairly straightforward, so I could be tempted to give this a go!

Have you found any other good upcycling clothes posts or ideas or have one of your own that you’d like to share?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Give Something Back

Here’s a thought for your Wednesday – how do you personally define shopping ethically?  I’ve thought long and hard about this, and came up with no real, tangible or easy definition of ethical shopping.    You see, what one person might consider as shopping ethically may not be seen as ethical to another.  It very much depends on your priorities – whether they be environmental, where your purchase makes very limited impact on the natural world around us, or socially, where your purchases benefit the poorest or most vulnerable people in society.

Give Generation

I’ve found a new American site, called Give Generation, that aims to cater for all definitions of the term ‘ethical shopping’.  You see, Give Generation brings together all stores that give something back ethically, be it environmentally or socially.  You can select which cause is most important to you, from a list of 16, and then shop with stores that donate to or support your aligned causes or charities.  These causes range from human trafficking, orphan care, the empowerment of women, and suicide prevention; to causes such as clean water, hunger and health; to animal advocacy and environmental sustainability.

To test it out I searched for stores that benefit the environment and was presented with a long list of stores; from some that help with reforestation projects, to some that help with ocean conservation, to stores that use recycled or salvaged materials.  From a consumerist point of view, it’s certainly really useful to see where I can purchase things I need that can also make a positive difference, or at the very least off-set a little the true cost of an item’s impact on the earth during its manufacture.

ethical shopping

{some of the products on sale through Give Generation that give back in some way}

Giver Generation caters for all – women, men, kids, homes, and even pets; and to me it seems like a great way to empower shoppers to make socially and/or environmentally conscious purchases.  Unfortunately it’s not particularly UK friendly, but if you are a US Moral Fibres reader I would certainly recommend having a look.