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Ethical Coats & Jackets for Autumn and Beyond

ethical padded jacket

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In the market for a new coat for autumn?  The good news is I have been doing some research and I have eight ethical coats for your perusal today.

The bad news is that the ethical coat and jacket market is small. Teeny tiny small.  And that ethical coats don’t come cheap.  If you get change of £200 then you are dong well.

With ethical fashion, the goal of course isn’t to replace clothing every year, as fast fashion would dictate, but to invest in quality items that you would be happy to wear year after year.  Think cost per wear!   I appreciate this isn’t great when your current coat or jacket is on it’s last legs and you don’t have £200 spare, but we’ll come on to that after the coats:


ethical padded jacket

If your style is outdoorsy then Finisterre offer classic outdoors wear.  This Alto jacket (£195) has a recycled polyester outer shell, and is insulated with recycled fabrics.  It’s wind and water resistant and will keep you cosy well into winter.

finisterre ethical parka coat

Meanwhile, the stylish Solus Parka (£225) looks like something you could take on all the world has to throw at you in it.  Built to last, and waterproof, it’s again filled with recycled insulation to keep you cosy on cold autumn and winter days.


patagonia ethical jacket

Patagonia also have a solid reputation as an ethical retailer, and this Radalie Parka (£160) is another good bet for the colder weather ahead.  Water repellent, with a 100% recycled nylon outer shell, it’s insulated with 92% recycled polyester.

Gudrun Sjödén

gudrun sjoden ethical coat

Gudrun Sjödén’s padded down coat (their website doesn’t allow you to link to a specific product but it’s the second product in the search results) (£399) is made of both recycled polyester and recycled down for a super sustainable and incredibly cosy coat.  There are different colour options available if bright isn’t your thing.

People Tree
people tree ethical coat

If your style is less outdoorsy, then People Tree’s offering is this Yvette fleece coat (£119).  This is a transitional piece for autumn and spring, and the snuggly fleece nature of it would be like a perpetual hug.

Thought Clothing

Thought has a couple of stylish non outdoorsy options.  This Hartley organic jacket (£79.90) is another autumn and spring coat, but it is pretty darned stylish.
thought ethical autumn coat

If you’re after something more practical to beat the rain showers then this water resistant number (£44.90) made from recycled PET might do the trick.  It’s not lined, so wouldn’t keep you warm.  It would be more something you keep folded up in your bag for any wet weather emergencies:.
thought ethical waterproof coat


komodo ethical coats

Komodo are one of the longest running of the ethical retailers.  Their seasonal ethical coats offering is this Elda Jacket, which I have found currently on sale at Ethical Superstore for £139.96, down from £175.


Finally, Nomads autumnal offering is this beautiful diamond hand loomed coat (£145) which looks stylishly cosy.   It also reminds me so much of that Zara coat everyone seemed to be wearing last year.  Use discount code WENDY10 for 10% off your order.
nomads ethical coat

What if your budget doesn’t allow for an ethical purchase?

If your budget doesn’t stretch that as far as one of these coats, then I would recommend opting out of the fast fashion model that dictates that you should buy a new coat every year.  Instead find the best quality coat you love at a price you can afford.  Look for a style that won’t date, in a dark shade (light coloured coats are stain magnets, trust me!) and commit to wearing it for as long as possible.

Last year I needed a good outdoors jacket for braving the school run in all weathers, but my maternity leave budget didn’t stretch very far.  I bought a simple cosy water and wind proof (and dark brown!) coat that was 50% off in the sale from an outdoor retailer.

The trouble with outdoor retailers is that ethical ones are few and far between.  I’m not going to endorse the specific retailer I bought from as I doubt it was the single most ethical purchase I’ve ever made.  What swayed me was that the jacket came with a lifetime warranty.  If I’m going to buy something I want it to last a long time, so this gave me some reassurance that if it develops a fault the company will fix or replace the coat.  It seems sturdy, looks good as new going into it’s second year of wearing, and looks like it will go the distance, so fingers crossed!

Alternatively, if you want to stay resolutely ethical on a small budget then eBay is also a great place to look.  My previous coat was one that I’d picked up secondhand on eBay seven years ago, and wore for seven consecutive winters.  I was quite sad when it came to an irreparable end – it felt like a part of me!

I have less luck with charity shops when it comes to coats, but perhaps you might have better luck than me!  Alternatively, try these five places to shop secondhand online.

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Six Ethical Jumpers for Autumn

autumn ethical jumpers

What’s the weather like where you are?  Right now, at time of writing, it’s definitely jumper  weather here in Edinburgh.    I’m sitting in my big woolly jumper, socks on, and with a cup of tea in hand, trying to decide if it’s too early to fire up the wood burning stove. I’m thinking it’s probably not too early – there is a definite chill in the air!

I have a couple of cosy ethical jumpers in my drawer – some from ethical retailers and some from charity shops/eBay – and I’m considering adding another to my jumper collection as I wear them so often.  If you too are in the market for a new jumper to see you through the cool days and nights, then here are six ethical jumpers I’ve come across that are as stylish as they are sustainable:

Ethical Jumpers for Autumn

cosy ethical jumpers

This stylish Gilpin Crew jumper (£75.00) from Finisterre is made from felted lambswool for extra softness and the stripes add an extra bit of interest.

The Fairfield jumper* (£64.90) from Thought is made from 100% certified organic cotton and comes in the most beautiful autumnal hue.

ethical jumpers

This apple print jumper* (£85) from People Tree is a bit thinner, but would be perfect for work when worn with trousers or a skirt.  At the weekend pair it with jeans for the perfect casual weekend outfit.

This black woolen Mara jumper (£79) from Bibico has a cropped cut and the pocket is a cute extra.

ethical jumpers uk

The Kingfisher jumper £35 from Rapanui is made from 100% certified organic cotton in an ethically accredited wind powered factory.

The Sibu jumper (€62.40, and 10% discount if you sign up to newsletter) from Two Thirds is Scandinavian inspired and is just the thing for cold days.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to light my stove!

ps: see my guide on how to wash wool to keep it looking good for longer.