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Easy Homemade Facial Oil For Smoother Skin

homemade facial oil recipe

Make some homemade facial oil for a plastic-free moisturisation boost.

Last year I bought a very nice, but a little bit pricey, bottle of facial oil.  I had never used a facial oil before to moisturise my skin.  Whilst I had only heard good things about the stuff, it still felt wrong using oil on my skin.  Skin that had been prone to oiliness in my younger years.  Within days, I realised that I needn’t worry. Facial oil is, in fact, a wondrous thing – and my skin felt amazing.   It felt soft and moisturised, but not greasy, as I feared it might be.

One morning I started to think how hard could it be to make your own homemade facial oil.  And guess what – that idea stuck.  It turns out it’s not at all hard – it’s just a case of mixing two ingredients together.  You could even skip one of the ingredients if you wanted to.

I’ve been trialing my own homemade facial oil over the last couple of months, and I am beyond happy with its performance, despite the simplistic ingredients.  I feel a little silly calling it a recipe when it’s just two ingredients but who says the best things have to be complicated?

homemade facial oil diy

How To Make Homemade Facial Oil

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A 30 ml coloured glass bottle with dropper*

30 ml jojoba oil*

10 drops rose geranium essential oil*


To the clean dry glass bottle, add the 30 ml of jojoba oil. You may need a funnel for this to avoid spillage.
Now add 10 drops of the rose geranium oil, and shake well to mix.
That’s it: you’re done!

homemade facial oil recipe

How to Use Homemade Facial Oil

Use your facial oil instead of moisturiser, or use it as a moisturising boost under your regular moisturiser.  After cleansing, dispense 3 or 4 drops of oil onto the palm of your hand and massage gently into your face, taking particular care around the eye area.  Don’t add more than the recommended drops as you will find yourself with an oily face!

Notes On Ingredients

Jojoba oil is, despite the name, not actually an oil, but in fact a liquid wax.  Richly moisturising, it’s great for acne, psoriasis, sunburn, and chapped skin.

One bottle of jojoba oil will make a lot of facial oil, so it’s rather an economical purchase.  You can also use jojoba oil in some of my homemade cleaning products.  It’s not often that you can say you raided your cleaning cupboard for your beauty needs!

Rose geranium essential oil, as well as smelling lovely, has many reported benefits for your skin.  It’s reported to help with oily and congested skin, and may also help with eczema, broken capillaries, and dermatitis.  It also reported as having anti-aging properties.

Of course, you can leave the rose geranium essential oil out if you prefer an unscented moisturiser.  Alternatively, you could swap it for any other kind of essential oil that you prefer.  Tea tree essential oil, for example, would be good for acne-prone skin.

One word of caution though – do your research first before selecting your essential oil.  Some essential oils are what’s known as phototoxic.  This means that these certain essential oils will react with the sun’s UV rays and can cause an inflammatory reaction in your skin.  Most citrus-based essential oils can be phototoxic – for example, bergamot or grapefruit essential oil.  If you’re keen to find out more, then this article is a good starting point for your research.

What Is the Shelf Life?

Jojoba oil is a rather wonderous thing.  As jojoba oil is a liquid wax it has an exceptionally long shelf life and can probably store for around five years.  Essential oils also have a long shelf life and can store anywhere between two to five years when stored properly.   I recommend using a coloured glass bottle as this stops sunlight from causing the essential oil to deteriorate.  If you only have a clear glass bottle make sure you store it someplace dark when you’re not using your homemade facial oil.

In short, your homemade facial oil will store for a long time – but you will probably use it up long before it goes rancid.  However, as with all handmade products, if it ever starts looking or smelling a bit funny, then it’s probably past it’s best.

If you make it. be sure to use the hashtag #moralfibresmakes so I can see your creations!

ps: my reusable cleansing pads are from here*, or you can make your own!

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The Zero-Waste & Plastic-Free Makeup Brands To Know

plastic-free makeup uk

Looking for the best zero-waste and plastic-free makeup brands? Right this way! I’ve got nine brands for you to know about, all eschewing single-use plastic.

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A couple of precious makeup items of mine have just run out.  A lovely peachy cream blush, and some black eyeshadow that I use to line my eyes. 

As much as I have loved these products, the packaging they are in is plastic-based. Rather than do the easy thing and replace like for like, I’ve been in prime research mode for the last little while.  This has seen me searching out zero-waste and plastic-free makeup options, to see what’s out there before I make any purchases.

The Guardian reports that cosmetic packaging is the hardest to recycle. This is due to the mixed materials used in every product – from compacts to lipsticks, and more. As such, I’ve been down all sorts of internet rabbit holes, and come up with what I believe are nine zero-waste and plastic-free makeup brands.  I’ve concentrated primarily on what’s available in the UK because that’s where I live.  However, I have included two US options for international readers. 

Here’s what I found!

The Best Zero Waste and Plastic-Free Makeup Brands

Image of plastic-free makeup products with blue text box that reads the zero-waste and plastic-free makeup brands to know.

For this guide, I’ve focused on the plastic-free makeup brands that cater to a wide range of skin tones, from pale to dark skin.  It’s 2022, and no one should be left out of the make-up discussion

HoneyPie Minerals

HoneyPie Minerals plastic-free makeup refills

HoneyPie Minerals* offers its entire range of mineral-based makeup – including foundation, blusher, bronzer and eyeshadow – in plastic-free and compostable refill bags, from just £3.99. You can refill any makeup jar of your choosing, making it a true zero-waste solution.

What’s also to love about HoneyPie Minerals is that its entire award-winning range is both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. The 100% natural ingredients contain no harsh synthetic chemicals, talcs, nano-particles, parabens, fragrance, or additives. Being mineral-based, the makeup offers long-lasting wear so frequent touch-ups become a thing of the past.

HoneyPie Mineral’s foundation is available in 12 inclusive shades. Meanwhile, with 8 different shades of eyeshadow and 5 different shades of blusher, you can change up your look as often as you like without leaving a plastic footprint.

HoneyPie Mineral makeup is available via Etsy*, and ships from the UK.

Axiology Plastic-Free Makeup

Axiology* makes plastic-free and zero-waste multipurpose crayons, that deliver beautiful colour for your lids, lips, and cheeks. Wrapped in paper, and packaged in a recyclable cardboard carrying case, these palm oil-free and cruelty-free crayons deliver a sheer colour, suitable for all skin types, that’s easy to apply and blend.

Axiology is committed to using vegan ingredients and pledges that its cosmetic products will always be 100% cruelty-free.

Prices start from £12.

RMS Plastic-Free Makeup

plastic free cosmetics

RMS Beauty*, available in the UK via Content Beauty, sells a beautiful range of plastic-free makeup products, packaged in only metal and/or glass (with the exception of the mascara).  The brand gets rave reviews and has many celebrity endorsements, including from Meghan Markle.  

What’s more, RMS prides itself on using only natural and organic ingredients, sourced from sustainable sources, that soothe and soften skin.  As much, all of its products are cruelty-free, and many of its products are vegan-friendly.  And in terms of inclusivity, their foundation comes in 16 different shades. 

Sign up for Content’s newsletter, and get 10% off your first order.  

Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis refillable foundation

Kjaer Weis*, available in the UK via Content Beauty, sells cruelty-free and certified organic natural makeup in beautiful refillable metal compacts.  Even the lipsticks and mascaras are refillable.  What’s more, their foundation caters to 8 different skin tones.  

Kjaer Weis is admittedly at the pricier end of the plastic-free makeup spectrum. However, its products do get rave reviews from all around the internet. And they are truly beautiful items that you will want to cherish forever.  The initial price shock is overcome when you realise that once you’ve bought a cream blush in its beautiful compact, for example, the refills are £17 cheaper. 

You can find out more about the refill system here.  I truly love this refill makeup concept.  One day, when I’m a rich fancy lady, this is what I’m going to splurge on!

Something that is handy to know is that Content Beauty offers a 10% discount on your first purchase when you sign up to their mailing list.  


Lush sells a range of cruelty-free and plastic-free or packaging-free cosmetics.  From unpackaged lipstick to an unpackaged foundation, there are a host of products to explore.  Their foundation alone comes in 40 different shades, making it the most inclusive range I’ve found.  With Lush, I personally find it easier to browse in-store than on their website, although you do run the gauntlet of their over-zealous sales staff.  Just me?


Zao refillable bamboo makeup

Zao* sells a wide range of plastic-free and certified cruelty-free makeup and beauty products in refillable bamboo boxes. This is all available in the UK through Ethical Superstore.  What’s more, all products are 100% natural, vegan, and certified organic by Ecocert.  Their foundation is available in seven inclusive shades.

A couple of points to note.  Currently, Zao says all products can be refilled, with the exception of mascara and lipgloss.  Zao also states that some of the refills are housed in recyclable plastic.  As such, you may want to check this before purchasing.

Fat & The Moon

zero waste make up

image via The Future Kept

Fat & The Moon is a US brand sold in the UK via Peace With The Wild and The Future Kept.  From highlighters to lip and cheek stains, to lipsticks there is a small but perfectly formed selection of zero-waste makeup. These are all completely plastic-free – coming packaged in metal tins and cardboard.

As well as being free of plastic, their makeup is made from 100% natural ingredients. Fat And The Mood work with abundant, organically cultivated and ethically harvested plants to create their products, all of which are completely non-toxic. No synthetic chemicals are used in any of their formulations. What’s more, the brand is also cruelty-free and avoids palm oil.

Vegans note that Fat & The Moon products contain beeswax so are not vegan-friendly.

Clean-Faced Cosmetics

Clean Faced Cosmetics plastic-free palette.

Clean Faced Cosmetics* is a US-based zero-waste and plastic-free makeup range, selling products such as mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, eyeshadow, and more. As well as being mostly organic, its products are all vegan and cruelty-free. Its products are also made in small batches by hand – helping to reduce waste. 

In terms of inclusivity, their foundation caters to light, medium, and dark skin tones. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere and don’t mind paying for the shipping, then this shop may be the one to visit.

Your Plastic-Free Makeup Recommendations?

Have you tried any of these brands?  What did you think?  Or do you have any other plastic-free or zero waste makeup recommendations?  I would love to hear!

Since writing this post, I’ve found a heap of eco-friendly lip balms that are plastic-free.

And if you liked this post then I have some more that you might like.  Firstly, if you looking for a zero-waste, plastic-free makeup removal option then do try this handy reusable cotton wool pad tutorial!  Whilst we are talking about makeup removal, do also check out my plastic-free makeup remover tips.

I also have some other useful posts, including a natural makeup brush cleaner recipe. And finally, this post on the ingredients to avoid in your makeup is an eye-opener.