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Your Ethical Style: Hanna from Hanna’s Places

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It’s been a little while since our last Ethical Style post, but I’m bringing it back right now with this brilliant Your Ethical Style feature from Dusseldorf based sustainability blogger, Hanna.  Hanna blogs at Hanna’s Places and if you haven’t stopped by there before then you’re in for a treat.  Thought provoking and interesting articles and gorgeous photography – it’s a treat for both mind and eye!

Over to Hanna!

hanna's places

 Hanna wears: Jacket – Kleiderkreisel; Top – People Tree; Jeans-  Really old H&M: Necklace: People Tree

Hi Hanna, can you share with us three facts about you?
1)  I am a Social Sciences student from Germany and I would love to work in development aid or sustainability one day.
2)  I love to travel and the list of places I want to go is never-ending.  Highest up are Iceland, Chile and Canada.
3)  I’ve committed to only shop for clothing sustainably and ethically in 2015.  So far it’s going great (and I’ve started buying way less of these ‘I’m in the mood to shop but don’t actually need anything’ pieces).

2.  Where are your favourite places to shop for ethical clothing?
Where I’m from, it’s still pretty hard to find actual stores that sell ethical clothing, so I’m mostly shopping online.  My favourite places are a great German online boutique of only ethical brands called glore, Asos Green Room and People Tree*.  There’s also a great platform here in Germany called Kleiderkreisel where girls sell their unwanted clothing – I’ve found quite a few gems there!

3. What’s the last ethical item that you bought?
I recently bought my first pair of Nudie Jeans after looking at them online for ages!  I got one of the dry ones – you are not supposed to wash them for six months so they get your personal shape and ‘washing’ (I’m not sure I’m going to do that though, still sounds a bit gross).  I love Nudie’s commitment to sustainability and great style and that you can get your jeans repaired for free.

4.  Is there anything secondhand or ethical that you are lusting over at the moment?
I’m really really lusting after a Matt+Nat backpack, they are so pretty and still vegan (though you don’t even notice!).  Well, I’m basically after about every bag in their collection.  Soon!

ethical fashion blog

5.  Do you have a top tip for shopping ethically?
Really think about your style and what you need and like before buying anything.  Ethical clothing tends to be a bit more expensive, so you should buy something that really fits your style.  Put together a Pinterest board of your favourite looks – after a few weeks you can see what kind of pieces you are pinning again and again and you can start hunting those down.  After you’ve established a ‘basic wardrobe’ like that, have fun at thrift shops and vintage boutiques!

6.  Is there anything you find difficult about shopping ethically?
Apart from the price point (which I think you can deal with if you just buy less), I believe the biggest difficulty is that there are just less styles available.  If you want a specific piece you’ve seen somewhere, it can get really difficult to hunt down something similar that is produced ethically.  Thrifting platforms like Kleiderkreisel help, because you are ‘allowed’ to shop at a non-sustainable brand (since it’s a secondhand item).

7.  Where do you get your style inspiration from?
I’ve mentioned it before, one of my biggest style inspiration is probably Pinterest.  I now rarely buy magazines, but I have a board for summer fashion, winter fashion, little details, and everything else you can wear everyday.  Instagram and fashion blogs like Chapter Friday or Wish Wish Wish are a great inspiration, too.

breton top

8.  What is your best secondhand or ethical find ever?
I bought some Veja sneakers a few weeks ago and I’m wearing them non-stop at the moment.  They are produced with Fair Trade standards and use sustainable materials from the Brazilian rain forest.  Pretty cool and still the comfiest shoes ever!

9.  What would be your ultimate thrifted find?
That would actually be the jacket I’m wearing right now!  I have no idea what the brand is because the tag is missing, but it’s so soft and comfy (people are actually commenting on the softness of my jacket on a regular basis) and I still feel put together and stylish every time I wear it.  Double-win!  PS: It’s also from Kleiderkreisel.

ethical style blog

Hanna wears: Jacket – H&M really old; Jeans – H&M really old; Scarf – Handmade

10.  Finally Hanna, can you share with us your top three style tricks/DIYs?
I don’t think I’m stylish enough to give any tips or tricks, but I’ll try!  First, raiding your dad’s, grandpa’s or boyfriend’s closet works wonders (over-sized shirts and sweaters, old jeans that can be worked into shorts, the possibilities are endless!).  Second, never throw anything away, just put it away neatly.  No matter what everyone says about cleaning out your closet – put everything in clean boxes, you will find something in there after a few years, trust me!  And thirdly, one that I still want to work on this year: learn to sew!  There are so many items that could be great with a little work, so it’s really high on my list of useful things to try!

Thanks for taking part Hanna!  You can visit Hanna’s blog, and find her on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  New to Moral Fibres?  You can also check out the other Your Ethical Style posts!

Do you want to share your ethical style with Moral Fibres readers?  Whatever your age, sex, size, style, budget or location I’d love to feature you to show that ethical fashion is for everyone!  Get in touch via to take part in Your Ethical Style!  There are no barriers to taking part – you don’t have to be a blogger to be featured!

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Ethical Clothing Sale News!

ethical clothing sale UK

This post contains affiliate links, denoted by *

I’ve got some great ethical clothing sale news for you today.  I love shopping in the ethical clothing sales – my clothing budget isn’t large by any means and so sale shopping is a great affordable way to shop for ethical clothing.  I keep a list of basics and things I really need and so when sale time swings around I have a good look to see if there’s anything I really really need (as opposed to just want).

People Tree* are having a fantastic ethical clothing sale right now.  Currently their sale range is up to 40% off and you can take an extra 10% off with the exclusive discount code MFSALE10 too, which is just for Moral Fibres readers!  Don’t say I’m not good to you!!

ethical clothing sale

Shop some of my favourite People Tree sale picks:

Rain Drop Tee* (£18.90, was £30); Tamara Frill Top* (£18.90, was £36); Juliette Dress* (£45.90, was £85) (you might recognise this dress from this post!); and finally the Marilyn Black Dress* (£37.80, was £85). The sale prices quoted are with the use of the Moral Fibres discount code.

Nomads Clothing are also having an ethical clothing sale right now, with items up to 70% off.  And for Moral Fibres readers they are doing a special 20% off with the discount code BLOG20.  Please note the code is not valid on some sale items.

sale clothing

Shop some of my favourite Nomads picks:

Pocket Dress (£52, was £62.50); Long Sleeve T-Shirt (£24, was £30); Pocket Cardigan (£40, was £50); Jersey T-Shirt (£24, was £30).  Again, prices quoted are after the Moral Fibres discount has been applied.

Other retailers also holding an ethical clothing sale right now are Bibico, Braintree Clothing and Seasalt.  Here are some of my favourites:

ethical clothing sale picks

Top Row:

Penelope Floral Skirt from Bibico (£34, was £49.00) / Sailor Jumper from Bibico (£39, was £65) / Trenython Top from Seasalt (£33, was £55); Saskia Dress from Braintree Clothing* (£19.95, was £59.90)

Bottom Row:

Cookworthy Dress from Seasalt (£29, was £39.95) / Lenora Skirt from Seasalt (£27, was £55); Anchor Top from Seasalt (£17, was £35); Paisley Park Dress* from Braintree Clothing (£19.95, was £49.90)