Life Lately

newborn baby clothes

hand knitted baby cardigan

Teeny tiny hand knitted cardigans (and a teeny tiny sleeping baby)

moses basket

A teeny tiny bed that has slept three babies now.

newborn baby clothes

Teeny tiny newborn baby clothes, that, rather heartbreakingly, are already outgrown and packaged up, ready to be worn by a little baby that’s due very soon.

washable nappies

A stack of washable nappies.

muslin cloths

A stack of muslin cloths.  Because you can never have too many.

big sister

Kisses from a big sister.  Because you can never have too many of those either.

The last 8 weeks have been all the emotions, all at the same time.  Life with a newborn is at times overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating, but also so very full of love.  Sometimes it’s just sitting marveling at the tiny sleeping human you created when really you should be doing something productive like having a shower, loading the washing machine or putting some food in your mouth.

Life with a newborn and a pre-schooler is telling the pre-schooler to be gentle with their over exuberant kisses or cuddles, or telling the pre-schooler to stop shouting because the baby is sleeping, both about 100 times a day.  Sometimes it’s wondering when your oldest baby got so grown up, and wondering just where the time has gone.

Life right now is fulfilling and at times monotonous – but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Not pictured: sciatica.  Urgh.  Any advice gratefully received!


Life Lately

I’ve been meaning to check in here on the blog for a little while, but what can I say, life has gotten completely away with me, what with Christmas, birthdays, New Year, oh, and a little baby that due pretty much any time now.  Not that I’ve been busy, but mainly because I’ve hit the really really sleepy stage of pregnancy (39 weeks!), where any task other than lying on the sofa with a mince pie in hand, or having a sofa nap, is a massive chore.  I’m on the sofa right now, and I’m just sharing my Instagram photos in this post because it’s the easiest option right now!  Promise I’ll pick up my proper camera soon!

I’ve had a bit of a marathon with this pregnancy, between constant nausea that lasted for 4.5 months, tummy bugs, anaemia and it’s associated exhaustion, working two jobs, looking after my daughter and writing the blog.  It goes without saying that the blog has taken a bit of a back seat for a large part of this year while I rested and put my feet up where I could.  It will of course take a bit of back seat when the little one arrives, but I hope once we settle down to some kind of new normal that I can get back to a bit more regular blogging.  I love blogging, I really do – I do it as a hobby, and is often how I unwind of an evening, so I’m looking forward to get back into it with hopefully a bit more vigour!

So as it’s been a while I thought I’d run through some of the things I’ve been up to.  First and foremost, needless to say we got our Christmas on.  There’s a bit of a trend on Instagram to decorate using only natural materials, and I saw one user saying they were shunning gaudy baubles in favour of dried foliage.  I have to say I love my gaudy baubles.  Some of mine are favourites from my childhood.  Others I’ve found in charity shops, others remind me of Christmases past that my partner and I have shared, and others my daughter has chosen since she was just one year old (it’s a bit of a tradition of ours that every year we travel into Edinburgh where she gets to pick a new bauble for the tree), and others my daughter has made.  So it’s safe to say we fully embraced the gaudiness of the season!

Keeping with the festive theme, we made our annual visit to see Santa in Edinburgh’s Prices St Gardens.  I did it fairly early in the month because I knew I’d be exhausted come Christmas, and I’m glad we took the time out to go out (even in the rain!) – my daughter found it so magical.

Our actual Christmas and New Year was a rather quiet affair, just the three of us at home.  Lots of roast dinners, nice food, hot chocolate, long lies, movies by the fire, walks when the weather cooperated, reading Christmas books and playing with new toys.  The only hectic point was Christmas Eve, when my then 3 year old (now 4 year old) got a little bit too excited.  There was some very excited dancing whilst watching The Muppet’s Christmas Carol! 

Finding some balance with some winter walks:

I finished up my two works at the start of December, which was a relief as commuting for any length of time when 35 weeks pregnant isn’t much fun.  I received this beautiful bunch of flowers, chocolates and a voucher for a massage, and felt incredibly spoiled indeed.

We also celebrated our daughter’s birthday a little early, with some of her very best friends, to make sure she definitely got a birthday.  Good planning on our part means that our daughter’s birthday and the due date of the new little one are a week apart…  Hosting a house full of four year olds at 36 weeks pregnant wasn’t my finest idea (I needed all the sleep afterwards) but it was so much fun, and the smile on my daughter’s face as she played party games with her friends, and blew the candles out on her cake, made it all so worthwhile.  As it happened my daughter did indeed get her actual birthday which I was incredibly relieved about!

And that’s pretty much been life lately!   I will drop in again soon, but before I go I just want to wish you all the best for 2016!  Thanks so much for reading Moral Fibres in 2015 – I really appreciate all of you! xx