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Eco News

Ten Things – 2nd September 2018

plant in pot

plant in pot

Hello!  How’s it going?  I am having a quiet weekend – the rest of September is a busy one for me so I’m lying low whilst I get the chance (introverts unite!).  I might get as far as the garden centre for a look at some plants for my garden, but that’s definitely as wild as it’s going to get around here!

Here are this week’s links:

1.  “Look, I hate to break it to you: we are doomed. That has nothing to do with climate change, and everything to do with the simple fact of being alive. But we have a choice about what to do to this wonderful place we inhabit for a short, miraculous time” – a wonderfully great read on taking action on climate change in spite of what the media is saying at the moment.

2.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s plastic in your beer.

3.  With that bombshell, be thankful that Norway has a radical approach to plastic pollution, and it’s working.

4.  How do you define ‘meat’?  Should meat-free products be marketed as meat?  The state of Missouri wants to ban meat-free products being given meaty sounding names on the grounds of false advertising.

5.  If you see me, weep.

6.  I like the sound of the Samoan Prime Minister.

7.  Related: this statue of politicians discussing climate change hits the nail on the head.

8.  You’d eat too if you were asleep for this long.  Properly mind-boggling stuff.

9.  Science is incredible.  This heart in a jar could end the need for testing drugs on animals.

10.  Finally, scientists have decreed that capitalism is dying.

Enjoy your weekend – let me know if yours is more exciting than mine!


PS: Catch up with last week’s post here, in case you missed it.  It’s a good one!

Eco News

Ten Things – 26th August 2018

eco friendly shopping bag

eco friendly shopping bag

Hello!  Good week? We haven’t had much sleep around here lately (thanks kids!), but yesterday the sun was shining so we headed straight to the beach for a bit of rock pooling, paddling and sandcastle building.  Nothing like a bit of sea air to refresh and revive, and tire out the nippers!

Whilst plastic-free food shopping is something I find tricky in our area, I did also manage to do a bit of plastic-free vegetable shopping this week, at a local pop-up event.  It would be lovely to have something like that running locally on a permanent basis.  I bought some delicious plastic-free locally grown fruit and vegetables – getting a lovely bag of vegetables for less than £5.  Some vegan wine and vegan cakes also fell into my shopping basket *ahem*!

On to this week’s links:

1.  Firstly, a really thoughtful article on how vegans and farmers can be allies, which makes for a refreshing change from the vegans vs. farmers articles you normally find.

National media coverage this year has included headlines such as ‘vegans go nuts with threats to farmers’ and ‘farmers speak out about “militant” vegans’.  It seems the media is intent on exacerbating the natural differences that exist between the two groups and latching on to any opportunities to divide us.  The fact that is missing from all this hyperbole is that vegans eat food too.  And we’d like our food to be produced by British farmers and for those farmers to have sustainable and fair employment“.

2.  You couldn’t make this one up – oil companies in Texas are asking for US taxpayers money to protect their refineries from the impacts of climate change, that they had an inordinately large share in contributing to, so that we can keep consuming oil.  Err.  Pass.

3.  One-third of all fruit and veg in the UK are binned for being too ugly.  As an aside, I recently came across Rubies In The Rubble who are trying to reduce this by selling chutneys and relishes using fruit and veg destined for the bin – what a great idea!

4.  Related: instead of binning black bananas make a butterfly banquet.

5.  The impact of climate change on mental health is impossible to ignore.

6.  Reasons to be cheerful: the planet has more trees than it did 35 years ago!

7.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: never underestimate the power of one person’s actions.

8.  Doctors are advising us all to treat a cough with honey before requesting a doctors appointment, in a bid to halt antibiotic resistance.

9.  The rise of alternative pollinators.

10.  Finally, these $35 (£27) flip-flops are made from sugar, and the company behind them are making the technology freely available to other companies.  Could all shoes soon be made from sugar?

Have a great Sunday!


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