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Eco News

Ten Things – 5th August 2018

highland folk museum

highland folk museum

Hello!  What’s new with you?  I’ve been on my holidays – camping near Aviemore in the Highlands.  We had no electricity, and no internet, and what a great holiday it was.  Dinner on the most beautiful beach, paddling in the water, sandcastle building and visiting some of our favourite places and some places new to us, like the Highland Folk Museum, it was so refreshing to have a total break from everything.

At the Highland Folk Museum, we stumbled upon a 1700s Township (above) which was fascinating.  We had lots of fun poking around the township, which was apparently used as a set in Outlander (I’ve never seen it, so can’t comment further!).  I have lots of photos that I will be sure to share on Instagram.

This week’s ten things:

1. Lidl is to sell 5 kg wonky fruit and vegetable boxes for just £1.50.  Part of an ongoing trial called “Too Good to Waste”, the boxes will be available for a limited time across 122 stores, with anything unsold being donated to charity.

2.  Turns out only a third of plastic food packaging can be recycled.

3.  3M knew your non-stick pan was poisoning you in the 1970s.

4.  There’s no room for sustainability shaming.  Hear hear.

5.  Camping this summer too?  I really enjoyed this post on zero-waste camping – something to aim for on our next trip!

6.  Can you really be a conscious carnivore?  Although I personally don’t eat meat it was refreshing to read something that wasn’t militant about food.

I started wondering how other conscious carnivores do it.  How does one live consistently as an ethical omnivore considering the messiness of real life—at Thanksgiving dinner with our families, out to dinner with friends, at potlucks and business meetings?  How does it feel to be a human being trying to make difficult choices, navigating around industrially produced meats?  And most importantly, do the combined efforts of regular people eating around their values make any measurable impact on changing our food system for the better—and if so, which choices matter most?“.

7.  This is what your barbecue is doing to the environment (sorry if you are barbecuing today!).

8.  For anyone that’s ever been to a festival and been horrified by the amount of plastic waste, this will be music to your ears: music festivals are set to get drastic on plastic.

9.  Watch out for greenwashing on compostable products.

10.  Finally, a deleted tweet from the BBC speaks volumes about its climate change reporting.

Have a lovely Sunday!


PS: catch up on my last post, from 22nd July, in case you missed it!

Eco News

Ten Things – 22nd July 2018

bug hotel

bug hotel

Hello!  How’s it going?  We walked the whole way around Linlithgow Loch yesterday, here in West Lothian.  It’s such a lovely walk but my very favourite bit of the whole walk is walking past the gardens on Water Yett, where this incredibly fancy bug hotel lives.  Garden goals for sure!  Apparently it’s been built by volunteers in the community – I love this type of positive community action.

This week’s links – I have some good ones for you:

1.  Google and the UN have teamed up with each other and it could bring great things for the environment.

2.  John Lewis is to pay you for your old John Lewis clothes, regardless of condition, to prevent them from going to landfill.

3.  Related, in a type of deposit return scheme, Iceland will pay you 10p for each plastic bottle you return.  Here’s hoping this will extend to other retailers.

4.  One of the most shocking things I saw all week.

5.  This was the second thing – the Arctic Circle is on fire.  This.  Is.  Not.  Good.

6.  One interesting side of the global heatwave though is that it has revealed imprints of old and prehistoric buildings on the Irish and British landscape.  I wouldn’t say it’s a positive, but it certainly is interesting.

7.  Fresh after banning cashmere, feathers, down, and silk from it’s products, Asos is educating its designers on sustainability.  It remains to be seen if this will include topics such as overproduction.

8.  Metal straws are cool now, apparently.  Get yours here* if you want to join the cool crew.

9.  Morrisons is currently winning in the supermarket eco stakes – Lidl is currently bottom of the league.

10.  Finally, let’s all move to Penzance!

Have a very lovely Sunday!


PS: catch up on 15th July’s post, if you missed it.