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Ten Things – 24th June 2018

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Hello!  How are you?  Things are great here – our builder is finishing up work on our house this week, marking the end of two months of us sleeping in our living room.  I’m so excited about the prospect of having a bedroom back!  School holidays start here this week too so the idea of no homework, no ironing of school uniforms, and no having to get out the house early is very well received.  Whether I’ll be saying these things in 7 weeks time is anyone’s guess though…!

This week’s links:

1.  Asos is to ban products made from/with silk, cashmere, feathers, and mohair from its website, by the end of January 2019, for ethical reasons.

2.  As a follow-up to this article, Quartz asked should silk be the next product that conscious consumers should give up?

3.  Shoppers are turning away from leather shoes, but it’s causing problems.

4.  The most interesting thing I read this week was this article on how to eat like a chef for less than £20 a week.  A great look into a sustainable yet thrifty diet Top tips?  Shop seasonally and use up every part of your food, even the scraps.

5.  MPs are to examine the environmental footprint of the UK fashion industry.  Hopefully, this means change is afoot.

6.  H&M are reopening their Paris flagship store after 18 months of renovations, and it will be the first store to permanently feature H&M’s “Take Care” service.  This service allows customers to repair their clothes in-store, buy garment-care products and get advice on how to take better care of their pieces.  Exciting.

7.  In other exciting news, residents in Graz, Austria are to be offered up to 100 euros a year to repair their items instead of binning them.

8.  The microbead ban comes into force in England and Scotland on Tuesday!  The next step is surely banning plastic based glitter.

9.  There’s a CO2 crisis, but it’s not what you think.  Instead of too much CO2, now there is too little.  You can’t make this stuff up!

10.  Hemp still gets a bad rap, but this article furthers the case for hemp.  This time, you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to, just plant it on contaminated land.  That being said, hemp has come an incredibly long way since the festival fashions people wore in my youth, and I would totally wear this hemp beauty* in a heartbeat.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


PS: catch up on 17th June’s post here, in case you missed it.

Eco News

Ten Things – 17th June 2018

weekly blog link roundup

weekly blog link roundup

Hiya!  How are you on this fine Sunday?  Last night I ate chips and drank gin in a quiet pub with an old friend, and today, like some kind of penance, I will be at a kids party (in a noisy soft play centre…).  Life is certainly all about swings and roundabouts!

This week I’ve got lots of great environmental news links for you – without futher a do, let’s crack on with the links!

1.  The plastics crisis is set to intensify as more and more countries look to restrict foreign waste.  China is already no longer accepting our plastic waste, whilst Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Poland look to do the same after being flooded with our plastic. Time to drastically cut down on our plastic waste.

2.  Relatedly, a great article from Stylist Magazine on breaking up with plastic.

2.  North Face is cutting waste by selling refurbished old coats.  Circular economies for the win!

3.  Amazon crushes a small tax that would have helped the homeless.  All the more reason to find some ethical alternatives to Amazon.

5.  Five ways to help fashion become a force for good.

6.  It’s not all doom and gloom: seven encouraging signs of progress on the Paris Climate Agreement!

7.  New Look is slashing its pricing, with plans to sell 80% of its clothing at £15 or less.  Here’s why New Look is wrong.

8.  They are growing tomatoes in Iceland (the country) and it’s all powered by geothermal energy!

9.  Liquid air (say what?!) can apparently help store excess electricity, aiding wind and solar power efforts.  We’re living in the future.

10.  Finally, don’t get mad at Japanese Knotweed – eat it instead!

Have a lovely Sunday!


PS: catch up on last week’s post here, if you missed it.