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Hello!  How are you?  We are in the midst of some pretty major home renovations.  In a couple of days, all the walls of our upstairs are being pulled down, so we have spent the last little while stripping wallpaper and moving every single item from upstairs and trying to fit it downstairs in some kind of Tetris style game, but one that is the exact polar opposite of fun.

Because we’re on a pretty tight budget for the renovations, we’ve decided to stay in the house whilst the works are going on.  This means we are going to be sleeping in the living room for the foreseeable future, which is going to be fun…  We have spent the last three years sleeping in a bedroom with a threadbare ancient carpet, a big hole in the wall and no insulation so I just keep telling myself it’s all going to be worthwhile, but it’s not making the prospect of camping in the living room for an undisclosed amount of time any more appealing.

This week’s links:

1.  First off, it’s time to celebrate!  The EU this week agreed to a total ban on bee-harming pesticides!

2.  Don’t fall for Shell’s pop star PR.

3  To add to the list of cool things I never knew before: trees may have a heartbeat so slow that we never noticed it.

4.  Change is possible, and the results can be incredible.

5.  It’s tough to be a sustainable dairy farmer.  A sobering tale of how tough it is to produce sustainable, kind milk.

6.  Relatedly, I saw this milk vending machine on TV the other night and now all I can think is how amazing it would be to have them all over the country.

7.  Why having just 33 items of clothing could mean you have more to wear.  I don’t know about you but I feel I need to memorise this part:

You are not – and I say this from experience – a travelling mime company and you do not need seven black-and-white striped T-shirts“.

8.  In unexpectedly progressive news, all primary schools in Edinburgh will now be meat-free on Mondays.  I did not see this coming, but it’s very warmly welcomed!

9.  Would you put your jeans in the freezer instead of washing them?

10.  Finally, this video on chickens that have been introduced to a nursing home to combat loneliness was the best thing I watched this week.

Have a good weekend!  Posting will be light until our house resumes some level of normality, so do bear with me!  I will share photos once we’re done!


Eco News

Ten Things



Hello!  Has it been sunny where you are?  We have been out enjoying the sun, and kicking back in the country park near our house, and wishing that this sunshine might just stick around for a little while at least.  Here’s my guide to eco-friendly sunscreen if you are looking to stock up.  Although, I warn you, now that I’ve mentioned sunscreen, it will rain for 4 weeks solid!  Welcome to the Wendy weather curse!

This week’s links:

1.  What it’s like to shop after not shopping for two years.

I have .. learned that it feels so much better to only buy stuff when you’re actually going to use it. Because the value of an object comes out when we actually use it—not simply because we own it. And that is how I shop now“.

2.  Relatedly, this article on consumption spirals was an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.

3.  The former CEO of Patagonia says quit talking about sustainability:

“Sustainability” may be a worthy goal, but the word has become cliché, now typically deployed in its adverbial form to modify various nature-exploiting activities like “logging” and “fishing” or the catch-all “development.”

So let’s quit talking about “sustainable” this or that and face the overarching question about the future: Can we create a durable civilization in which humans become good neighbors in the community of life?

4.  “Plants are so hot right now“.

5. “Gove’s cotton bud ban is feeble“.

“At least two decades after cotton buds became well known as a public health hazard, never, ever to be placed anywhere near ears, the government has announced plans to ban them, maybe next year”.

6.  Cape Town was predicted to reach Day Zero on 16th April 2018 – when water supplies were anticipated to run out.  The good news is Day Zero has been pushed back thanks to some solid water rationing.

7.  I plan on whipping up a batch of these vegan muffins, ASAP!

8.  Although I have never fancied London living, Londoners, you are so lucky.

9.  In sobering news, it’s predicted that in 200 years cows may be the largest land mammals on the planet.

10.  Finally, my favourite tweet of the week.

Happy Earth Day!