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Ten Things – 1st April 2018

easter nests

easter nests

Hello!  And happy Easter!  Are you having a busy one or a quiet one?  We have gone on some family outings over the past couple of days, and my partner and I even managed a trip to the cinema, without children, to see Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, which was wonderful.   And, as always, lots of reading!

Here are this week’s links – and there are no cheeky April Fool’s hidden in here, promise!

1.  In rather huge news this week, anti-pipeline campaigners in Boston who were arrested for protesting the West Roxbury Mass Lateral Pipeline were found not guilty in court because the judge ruled their protest against the climate change crisis was a “legal necessity”.

2.  Why is farmers’ market bread so ridiculously expensive? – “Accusations of posh, arugula-eating liberalism are used to frame good-food advocates as feudalist-romanticists or worse, out-of-touch elitists“.

3.  This was a positive read – what’s gone right this year, so far.  From microbead bans to deposit return schemes, there are many reasons to be cheerful!

4.  Is telling litterers to stop littering a waste of time, or is there a better way?

5.  How to buy slow fashion on a stay-at-home mum budget.

6.  Nine essential ethical fashion podcasts for your listening pleasure.

7.  Would you cycle to work if your boss paid you to?  This New Zealand company is doing just that and I think it’s genius.

8.  About 12 years ago a colleague and I used to sit and wonder why gyms couldn’t be powered by the power you generate whilst pedalling on the exercise bikes.  Finally, a gym in Fulham, London has finally realised our lunchtime ponderings, and it looks beautiful.

9.  Next time you’re slicing up a pineapple make sure you keep the skin and core to make zero waste pineapple gin!

10.  Finally, hemp still gets a bad rap but this small house, built using hempcrete, is a thing of beauty.

11.  As a sneaky extra, do check out my guide to eco-friendly bin bags.  It doesn’t read as you would expect, I promise!

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend!  If you missed it, you can also catch up on last week’s Ten Things post.


ps: as a heads up, there is 40% off in the flash Sugru sale with the voucher code SHINE.  I love this stuff – you can use it to repair practically anything.  I wrote about our experience with it here and have stocked up for future repairs!

Eco News

Ten Things – 25th March 2018



Hello hello!  How you doing?  We had a beautiful day of sunshine here in Edinburgh, and now my head is awash with thoughts of spring.  Snow is forecast for next weekend so best make the most of the sunshine whilst it’s here!

This weekend’s links:

1.  It takes how much water to make one t-shirt?  Holy moly.

2.  The lazy girl’s guide to being sustainable.  Big ups to Harpers Bazaar for this piece.

3.  Celebrating Easter next week?  I found some delicious sounding plastic-free Easter eggs.  If you want all Easter egg manufacturers to go plastic-free then Friends of the Earth have a petition for that.

4.  Got 15 minutes?  Listen to one of my favourites, Adam Buxton, talk about environmentalism in this thought-provoking piece for BBC Radio 4.  George Monbiot even pops up in there too.  Here’s the blurb – “Modern environmentalism is well-meaning but horribly muddled.  We diligently wipe out yoghurt pots and despair over plastic bottles…. yet jet off on holidays, buy new cars and pop out another kid, or three.  We install solar panels but eat imported guava.  Replace our lightbulbs, but bin our batteries.   Do we have any idea which strategies are actually effective? Does anything work?  Adam Buxton digs down into our approach to saving the planet to see if anything makes sense”.

5.  Friendship goals.

6.  An interesting read on why we shouldn’t overlook the needs of disabled people when trying to phase out plastic.

7.  Not sure what to do with your old tights?  I’ve found a recycling service just for tights.  Downside: you have to post them to Sweden, but on the upside, your holey tights get a new lease of life.

8.  These extinct bird costumes are stunning.

9.  Whilst on the topic of birds: chickens!

10.  This Instagram account is such a ray of sunshine.

Have a lovely Sunday!


PS: catch up on 18th March’s post here, in case you missed it.