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Eco News

Ten Things – 26th March 2017

the first mess lentil dal recipe

Hello hello!  Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!  We’ve all had the leurgy of some kind or other this week in our house, so we had a quiet day yesterday (in the sun!), and for Mother’s Day today I am looking forward to a long lie, breakfast in bed, and then cuddles and kisses from my two best girls.  Anything more strenuous than that and I’m not interested!

Here are 10 interesting things I’ve read over the last two weeks that you might like too:

1.  I made this one-pot vegan root vegetable dal for dinner on Tuesday night and it was SO SO good.  I’ve mentioned before that cooking is not my forte, but this was perfectly within my skill level.  This will be a dinner-time staple in our house from now on, of that I am sure.

2.  Girls are missing school because they don’t have access to sanitary products.  In England.  In 2017.  Teachers at a school in Leeds contacted charity Freedom4Girls, whose main initiative was to send period products to young women in Africa, to ask for help.  In response, Freedom4Girls have expanded their reach to cover England.  To help you can donate to Freedom4Girls for their work in England and Africa, and/or remember you can donate unopened sanitary products to your local food banks for distribution to families in need.

A bill is about to go through the Scottish Parliament to make it a requirement for Scottish schools to provide free pads and tampons.  There is a petition you can sign for this to happen in England too.

3.  In interesting and heartening news, The Ganges and Yamuna rivers have now been designated as “living human entities” to help stop the pollution of these highly polluted waters.  Polluting the rivers will now in court amount to the same as harming a human being.

4.  Has this dress been to more countries than you?  Just to add a bit more difficulty to clothes shopping when a clothes label says “Made in Morocco”, this is where the garment was finally sewn together.  Before it arrived in Morocco it could have already been to several other countries, including China, Egypt, and Spain. Nothing is ever easy!

5.  “Political activism can be measured in several ways: by the number of signatories on a petition, demonstrators at a protest, or donations to an organization.  Or, in some cases, the sale of art supplies“.

6.  I love this Instagram account – the images are always so relaxing!  My Instagram is here if you want a peek.

7.  We are obsessed with The House That £100K Built.  In last week’s episode, a couple built a family home for just £50K and kitted it out with things they found on Gumtree.

8.  Thanks so much for all of your lovely responses to this post.  I have loved every single one of them.

9. Captain Planet – the 90s cartoon – is being released digitally to coincide with Earth Day.  Did you watch it the first time around?  I watched a couple of episodes of it as a kid and was not a fan.  To save you the pain of watching this well-meaning but utterly unbearable cartoon, you can read this synopsis.  The quote that sums it up best? “Captain Planet was useless. His entire modus operandi was to rid the world of pollution, but his only known weakness was – you have guessed it – pollution. What sort of messed-up situation is that? He’s scuppered at every turn. It is like putting Superman to work exclusively as a kryptonite distributor“.

10.  And lastly, a simple way to think about waste, via Plan C:

waste and the circular economy

And three things from the Moral Fibres archives you might have missed:

How to store spring onions 

Make your own cotton wool pads

How to have an eco-friendly period

Enjoy your Sunday!  And remember the clocks changed last night!

PS: In case you missed it, do catch up on the 12th March Ten Things post to stay up to date on all your environmental news.

Eco News

Ten Things – 12th March 2017

anna jones recipe
anna jones recipe

Hello hello!  Hope you’re having a good weekend!  Yesterday we had a busy day of allotmenting, rugby, squeezing in a bit of work, and attending a kid’s party. Today we have friends and their kids coming round for lunch today.  My partner has perfected the art of homemade pizza so guess what we’re serving?!

Just for fun, I thought I’d drop in today with some interesting articles I’ve read lately:

1.  Conscious consumerism is a lie?

2.  When your greatest romance is a friendship.

3.  I loved this post on how to declutter your life (assuming you can afford to buy new possessions at any time).  It makes for such light relief.  I don’t know about you but I am over the whole minimalism thing.  Just how many words can be written on throwing things away?

4.  I accidentally bought a giant pig.  This was such a fun weekend read.  “She felt like a great addition to the house. We trained her like a puppy and took her to the vet after about a month. He took one look at her cropped tail and said, “I think you have a problem on your hands“”.

5.  This stuffed spaghetti squash is just what I’m hankering after right now.

6.  One company doing it absolutely right.

7.  When someone tells you “the climate is always changing”, show them this

8.  A media guide to undermining the NHS.

9.  If animals made albums – #13 and #15

10. Finally, pictured in the top photo, almond milk french toast from Anna Jones – yes please!

And to close, 3 things from the Moral Fibres archives that you might have forgotten about:

1.  How to grow snow pea shoots indoors

2.  My top suggestions for eco-friendly cleaning supplies

3.  Best fluoride-free toothpastes

Enjoy your Sunday!