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Ethical Foundation Wear – What You Need To Know – AD

This post on ethical foundation wear is paid-for content in association with Heist.

The right underwear can make a huge difference to how we look in our clothes, and how we feel about ourselves. Yet many of us overlook the transformational impacts that the right foundation wear can bring. Here’s why you should consider what you wear under your clothes, as much as your clothes themselves.

What Is Foundation Wear?

Firstly, did you know that our undergarments are often referred to as foundation wear? Foundation wear is simply the base layer of every outfit that you wear. These garments support and streamline your body, and can include items such as tights, knickers, bras and shapewear. In short, we wear foundation wear every day whether you refer to it as foundation wear or not!

Why Is The Right Foundation Wear Important?

Person wearing Heist underwear in eco lace
Heist’s Eco Lace Bralette and Knickers

Your underwear is the very first part of your outfit that you put on. The right underwear for your clothing choices sets a solid foundation for your outfit, by complimenting your shape, whilst providing you with comfort and support throughout the day.

Whilst your underwear shouldn’t be visible under your clothing – unless you intentionally want it to be – the right underwear should make you feel great about your body.

What About Ethical Foundation Wear

Person wearing Heist's ethical foundation wear
Heist’s Eco Lace Body Suit

Your foundation wear can be ethical. Heist, a company with a strong sustainability focus, for example, sells a range of wide range of styles of more inclusive-sized foundation wear, with sizes ranging between size 6 and size 22. 

Their Eco Lace collection, in particular, uses recycled and recyclable materials to make their beautiful foundation wear. This range encompasses beautiful lace bodysuits, as well as knickers, and bralettes, all made from recycled polyamide.

Wearability has not been compromised.  Far from being rough or itchy, their Eco Lace collection has been engineered to be lightweight, smooth and silky-soft to touch and feel incredible against your skin.

Meanwhile, their tights are also made from recycled materials, such as recycled polyamide and recycled elastane. This soft recycled yarn is kind to your skin, and better for the planet than tights made from virgin plastics.

Heist has also adopted a ‘make on demand’ stock replenishment approach.  This means they only make what you want when you want it – helping to reduce waste.

What’s more, all components of Heist’s packaging are recyclable. They only use FSC certified paper, made using materials from well-managed forests and/or recycled sources.  Where any plastic components are used, these are made from 100% recycled materials.

Your underwear can truly look good and do good.

What About Shape Wear?

heist ethical foundation wear
Heist’s Shapewear Collection

Shapewear has come a long way from its old-fashioned and uncomfortable counterparts. Heist, for example, has created intelligent shapewear that both looks and feels good.

Not convinced that shapewear can be intelligent? Well, Heist has equipped their ethical foundation wear with expertly positioned HeroPanels™. These are clever bonded, laser-perforated shaping panels that work to give high-performance compression without compromising on comfort.

This means that when you wear Heist’s shapewear, you’ll notice that even though you can feel strong, even compression, you don’t feel an elastic band-style squeeze. Instead, the garment feels like a second skin.

This is because Heist’s HeroPanel™ technology cleverly mimics your fascia – the connective tissue that stabilises your muscles. So by strategically placing HeroPanels™ in specific anatomical areas, Heist can make shapewear that slims and sculpts you exactly where you want it, without squeezing you unnecessarily for the results you’re after.

The more you wear the HeroPanels™, the more they relax in response to the shape, movement and temperature of your body. As a result, you end up with shapewear that is moulded to your body. This is why you feel less constricted than if you were to wear traditional shapewear.

Does It Make You Sweaty?

You’re probably thinking that adding panels to undergarments will make them thicker. And thickness equals warmth and sweatiness.

We talked about intelligent shapewear. That intelligence doesn’t just extend to how the foundation wear shapes you, but also to how it regulates your temperature. If you were to turn Heist’s ethical foundation wear inside out and take a closer look at the HeroPanels™, you’ll be able to make out tiny dots. Those dots are some of the 20,000 laser perforations designed to let your body breathe whilst wearing the shapewear.

Heist really does mean it when they say its shapewear is intelligent!

Whilst these particular foundation wear products are not able to be made out of recycled materials yet, Heist does ensure that they are produced ethically.  Heist says they pay a fair living wage to their employees and contributors. Meanwhile, in their supply chain, Heist only partners with factories and warehouses that guarantee a safe and supportive working environment. These factories and warehouses must evidence their commitment to this with Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) certification and Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) registration.

So whether you are looking for shapewear or just standard underwear, the next time you need new foundation wear, consider pieces that will make you look and feel amazing. We put so much thought into how our clothes look on the outside but remember, the right underwear can make an even bigger difference to how we look and feel.

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The Beagle Button – The Easy Way to Shop Sustainably | AD

This post on The Beagle Button is paid-for content in association with Beagle.

Worried about climate change, and the environment? You are not alone. According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), three-quarters of adults in Great Britain are concerned about climate change. Meanwhile, other studies show that concern for the environment and wildlife is also at record high levels.

Most of us are concerned about the environment in some way. However, when it comes to quickly popping online to pick up the essentials that we need, then it is easy to forget these concerns. Whether it’s simply the convenience that big online stores such as Amazon offer, or perhaps the lack of time to research ethical alternatives, it is easy to opt for the most convenient option rather than the more sustainable option.

Thankfully, Beagle has stepped in to offer some gentle encouragement and product suggestions via their free The Beagle Button browser extension to help you on your sustainability journey.

What Is The Beagle Button?

beagle button demonstration

The Beagle Button is a clever browser extension that you can install free of charge on your computer’s web browser – such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge – in just two simple clicks.

You’ll know it’s installed successfully, as a small beagle icon will appear at the top of your browser to let you know it’s there. This is reassuring, as when you are browsing non-shopping sites, then you wouldn’t even know that The Beagle Button was there – it does not interfere with your browsing experience in any way.

Once installed, The Beagle Button then beavers away in the background, doing all the hard work for you by sniffing out sustainable alternatives. This means when you are shopping online for a particular product or service, then if The Beagle Button thinks it has a better alternative, it will pop up and tell you it’s found something sustainable that you might like. You can then click through to view the product, or dismiss it and carry on with what you were doing – guilt-free.

The best bit? As sustainability means different things to different people, within your account you can pick specific sustainability preferences, that The Beagle Button will prioritise when it offers alternatives to you. These include:

  • Organic
  • Plastic-Free
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Long-Lasting
  • Ethically Made
  • Low-Carbon
  • Reusable
  • From Minority-Owned Organisations
  • From Female-Owned Organisations
  • Locally Made
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Saves You Money
  • Gives Back

For that extra sustainable edge, Beagle plants one tree for each new user that installs The Beagle Button. Beagle also plants one tree for each purchase made through The Beagle Button too.

How The Beagle Button Works

The alternatives that are displayed to you are not random. Instead, each product goes through a methodical research process. This ensures that the suggestions displayed are a good match for you. It also makes it as easy as possible for you to cut through greenwashing and shop sustainably.

To achieve this, first, Beagle’s dedicated team scours the internet for mission-driven brands that are committed to producing sustainable products. They then look for products that match their sustainability tags, such as the ones listed above.

Beagle then look at how sustainable these products really are. To do that, they give each product a score against their 5 sustainability pillars. These pillars are: Minimising Emissions, Reducing Waste, Supporting Workers, Protecting Animals, and Avoiding Chemicals. All of their products contribute to one or more of these pillars, with priority given to those products with low carbon emissions. Where relevant they also work with certifying bodies to test the claims that brands make.

As well as being sustainable, Beagle wants to make sure that the products they suggest are great to use. So they also look for reviews from customers who have bought the product and tried it out.

Products that pass these tests are added to their database alongside their sustainability score. When you’re browsing online, The Beagle Button quickly digs into this database to find the products that best match what you are looking at, as well as your sustainability preferences – before popping up at the side with their sustainable suggestions.

Reassuringly, their database isn’t static. Beagle is constantly re-assessing all of the products listed in their database. The team are also always searching for new products to make sure they only suggest the best alternatives they can find.

How Can It Be Free to Users – What’s The Catch?

With The Beagle Button, there’s no catch to using this free service. Rather than charging users to use the browser extension, or selling customer data, instead, Beagle takes a small commission from the sustainable retailer when you buy a suggested product. This allows them to generate income sustainably and ethically, whilst maintaining a free service for users.

This commission payment doesn’t influence the products you are shown. Beagle doesn’t accept payment from retailers who want to be listed or to be prioritised in listings. This is because their research process to find the best, most sustainable products in each category are completely independent. This means you only get results that you can trust.

Give It A Go Today

Want to make sustainable shopping easy? Download the free The Beagle Button extension today, and see how your buying power can be used for good.

Person smiling at laptop with a blue text box that says Beagle Button - an easy way to shop sustainably online | AD.