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weekend links

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Hiya!  Who else is in denial that it’s the last day of September?  I keep asking myself where September, nay, this year, went.  I’m an autumn girl through and through (naps in the day without feeling guilty, fires, good telly, fairy lights!) but I still feel a little sad when summer leaves us for another year.

This week’s links:

1. Everything you’ve been told about plastic is wrong.

If we all just get a few containers and separate out our waste, it will be taken by some nice people who will magically make it go away without any negative consequences. Recycling is the grown-up version of squeezing our eyes shut, sticking our fingers in our ears and shouting “lalalalalala!”.

2.  Fashion might finally be ready to say goodbye to fur.

3.  Here’s proof that if we stop buying crap, companies will stop making crap.

4.  The news about the Orca apocalypse is heartbreaking.  There is hope if we can get our act together.  

5.  It’s not all doom and gloom though.  Go tigers!

6.  I’m looking forward to Jen’s new book!

7.  Body wash is a scam and you fell for it.

8.  The teenager on track to plant a TRILLION trees.  This makes me wish I had spent my teenage years a bit more productively!

9.  “I’m an environmentalist”.  Err.  Right you are then.  

10. Finally, this article on what older generations can teach us about plastic-free living was a good read. 

We didn’t always have a plastic pollution problem. Before the mid-20th century, people made do without it and, presumably, as Mark Blackburn put it descriptively in an article for One Brown Planet, they were not lying “in the streets, malnourished and dehydrated, like a scene from some apocalyptic war,” for lack of plastic water bottles. They managed just fine because their lifestyle habits were different.

Enjoy your Sunday!


weekend links

Ten Things

blog link roundup

Hello!  How’s it going?  I took a wee break last week – it was school holidays so I was adventuring with my kids.  We headed west, spend some time with my family and generally had a lovely time.  The site also broke so I had to put my technical hat on and try and fix it.  You may notice things look ever so slightly different – let me know if anything isn’t working for you!

This week’s links!

1.  This was the best thing I’ve read this week – the big problem with climate storytelling and how to fix it.

If climate change were an asteroid, alien invasion or Hans Gruber type baddie we’d know exactly what to throw at it (Bruce Willis in all cases). The narrative wheels would start turning as we slotted ourselves neatly into a heroic plot track.  This is the new climate story we desperately need. Of overcoming the odds rather than being overwhelmed by them“.

2.  The Co-Op is to replace 5p plastic carrier bags with compostable bags, that you can reuse for food waste, within weeks. 

3.  Iceland is also scrapping plastic bags for bananas, selling them in recycled paper instead.  The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice you even get one banana free!  

4.  An interesting read from Sophie Benson – sustainability has gone mainstream: let’s discuss.

5.  Could a shellfish diet be better than going vegan?

6.  Is Instagram bad news for the environment?

7.  Trees gone bad.

8.  What do generation X and Y worry about the most?  Not money, not housing, or avocados, but climate change.

9.  The eeriest thing I’ve seen this week.

10.  Finally, further reason to dislike fossil fuel companies, in case you were looking for one more thing to add to your list!

Have a great Sunday!