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eco blog uk

Hello hello!  Are you well?  We are fully recovered after last weeks lurgy thank goodness, and with good timing, as I had a crazy busy week of work, with evening meetings in the Scottish Parliament and what not.  As such we’ve had a quiet weekend, and have been kicking back with movies, pizza and family.  Also known as my favourite type of weekend.

This week’s links!

1.  An accidental discovery could wipe out one of the bees’ worst enemies.  Sadly it’s not Monsanto, but hey, it’s the next best thing!

2.  The hard truth: no one wants your used clothes anymore.

3.  What do tennis balls, cigarette butts and laundry and dishwasher pods/tablets have in common?  Yup, you guessed it, yet more sources of microplastic.

4.  The disastrous state of British fair trade and what we can learn from it.

5.  The truth about beauty products and packaging – is a good read, even if the products they suggest at the end are a bit too spendy for my liking.  £45 for a cleanser?  No thanks – I’ll stick to my bar of soap!

6.  Some food for thought about plastic: “Perhaps we are having the wrong conversation. Plastic is the symptom. Our centralized food system is the disease“.

7.  Related: why it’s important to reduce our plastic usage rather than just recycling – two-thirds of the plastic we put in our recycling bin gets sent abroad.  When it gets there some of it ends up in landfill, some of it pollutes the local environment.

8.  Looking forward to this network of water refill sites across England.  I tried out a similar idea a few years ago, but for me, there were too few refill points to make it useful.

9.  I want this vegan shepherd’s pie for my dinner tonight.

10.  And finally, Edinburgh readers – I recently came across this lovely article about the “Book Wumman”, aka Rachel, who gives away books to homeless readers.  Why books?  Because a book is a place of escape and solace in a hard world.  Her charity, Street Reads, is based on 45 West Nicholson Street (underneath Lighthouse/Word Power Books), and you can donate your old books to her.  She seems most short on books in Polish and sadly seems short on volunteers too.  You can follow along on Facebook and Twitter too.

Have a lovely week!  Fresh Clean Home comes out on Thursday and I am a mix of really excited to share it with you but also slightly scared in case no-one likes it!  If you buy a copy be sure to use the hashtag #freshcleanhome so we can see your makes/results!


weekend links

Ten Things

blog link roundup

blog link roundup

Hello!  How are you?  It’s snowy here, the fire’s lit and our slow cooker is cooking up tonight’s dinner, which all sounds very cosy until I add the fact that three out of the four of us are nursing a flu type virus.  It’s put a delay on my first YouTube video but rest assured, once we’re better it’ll be up on my channel!

On to this weeks links:

1.  Iceland (the supermarket, not the country!) has vowed to eliminate plastic on all it’s own-branded products within 5 years.  Go Iceland!

2.  Related: the plastic free shops showing the big brands how to do it was a positive read, especially the observations that it’s no longer only committed environmentalists who are shopping there.  Is plastic free going mainstream?  I can only hope so!

2. This guide to the urban woman’s guide to going green  is a great read.  Rather than the usual ideas, it was full of surprising suggestions, from switching to an eco hairdresser, to biodegradable vibrators (!) and more.

3.  Another useful read is Besma’s piece on nine easy ways to get into ethical fashion, if it’s something you are struggling with.

4.  Fear or hope?  What outlook do you prefer?

5.  Schools around the world are teaching kids how to spot fake news.

6.  Handy: a guide to the best vegan beauty brands.

7.  Making a mental note to download some Slow Your Home podcastsThis one, this one and this one in particular.

8.  It’s been a tough winter for birds, so if you have a garden here’s what to feed birds in the winter.

9. I was struggling to find the words to describe this video on onesie wearing sloths. Then I saw that someone had left a comment under the video that described it perfectly – “this is the most beautifully pure and heart warming video ever and I almost want to cry over how lovely it is“.  Nail on the head.

10. Finally, make gardening more sociable by taking part in this year’s Secret Seed Swap.  Sign up for the swap by 31st January, and send some seeds in a decorative packet to a mystery recipient for them to grow in their own garden.  I’ve just signed up!

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Look after yourself and see you next week!