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weekend links

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Hello!  Has it been sunny where you are?  We have been out enjoying the sun, and kicking back in the country park near our house, and wishing that this sunshine might just stick around for a little while at least.  Here’s my guide to eco-friendly sunscreen if you are looking to stock up.  Although, I warn you, now that I’ve mentioned sunscreen, it will rain for 4 weeks solid!  Welcome to the Wendy weather curse!

This week’s links:

1.  What it’s like to shop after not shopping for two years.

I have .. learned that it feels so much better to only buy stuff when you’re actually going to use it. Because the value of an object comes out when we actually use it—not simply because we own it. And that is how I shop now“.

2.  Relatedly, this article on consumption spirals was an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.

3.  The former CEO of Patagonia says quit talking about sustainability:

“Sustainability” may be a worthy goal, but the word has become cliché, now typically deployed in its adverbial form to modify various nature-exploiting activities like “logging” and “fishing” or the catch-all “development.”

So let’s quit talking about “sustainable” this or that and face the overarching question about the future: Can we create a durable civilization in which humans become good neighbors in the community of life?

4.  “Plants are so hot right now“.

5. “Gove’s cotton bud ban is feeble“.

“At least two decades after cotton buds became well known as a public health hazard, never, ever to be placed anywhere near ears, the government has announced plans to ban them, maybe next year”.

6.  Cape Town was predicted to reach Day Zero on 16th April 2018 – when water supplies were anticipated to run out.  The good news is Day Zero has been pushed back thanks to some solid water rationing.

7.  I plan on whipping up a batch of these vegan muffins, ASAP!

8.  Although I have never fancied London living, Londoners, you are so lucky.

9.  In sobering news, it’s predicted that in 200 years cows may be the largest land mammals on the planet.

10.  Finally, my favourite tweet of the week.

Happy Earth Day!


weekend links

Ten Things

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This week has been a fast one and I’m struggling to get my head around how quickly this week has gone.

I spent most of Thursday doing some admin to make Moral Fibres compliant with the new GDPR laws which come in to force in May, which are all about data protection.

From now on in, when you want to leave a blog post comment on Moral Fibres you will need to tick a little consent box to say that you are happy for me to securely store your data.

No changes have been made to the site – the new GDPR laws mean that website owners (including bloggers) have to be more explicit on what they do with your data.  I’ve written a whole privacy policy on what Moral Fibres does with your data if you are interested (spoiler: not a lot other than storing it securely and not allowing third parties to access it, ever, and if you ever want me to delete your comment you can email me).

Anyway, enough of the legal chatter, on to the week’s links!

1.  What a week it has been for environmental news!  The huge news, in case you missed it, is that Iceland (everyone’s new favourite supermarket!) is ditching palm oil from all it’s own brand products by the end of this year, saying, quite rightly so, that there’s no such thing as sustainable palm oil.  This is in combination with it also ditching plastic from its own brand products.

2.  Waitrose is also doing away with disposable cups in all of their stores, by autumn.  I find it a bit incredulous that Iceland can do away with palm oil by the end of the year, but Waitrose need until the autumn just to ditch disposable cups, but hey, it’s another small step forward.

Waitrose has also announced the plan to stop all black plastic in their packaging imminently.  Black plastic is notoriously difficult to recycle, so it’s another step in the right direction.

3.  What the ‘Made In Italy’ label on your handbag might be hiding.

4.  2018’s dirty dozen is here.  Strawberries, always the pesky strawberries.

5.  What happens when you leave excess plastic packaging at the till?

I wonder if people will be as understanding on a busy Friday night in Lidl.  As I start stripping off the packaging (at lightning speed – I was feeling the pressure), I can feel the eyes of the checkout assistant burning into me.  Then a disgruntled ‘cough‘ comes somewhere from the queue (the ultimate British sign of disapproval).  But nobody actually says anything and when I say that I’d like the store to dispose of the waste for me, she politely nods and takes it.

Do you do this?

6.  Move over Nespresso, plastic-free eco-friendly coffee pods that can be composted at home or in your food waste bin are here.   They are sold out on the link provided in the article, but I’ve tracked them down on Amazon* and the Fresh Coffee Ltd eBay store*.

7.  I love this illustration I found on Instagram:

8.  What microplastics look like under a microscope.

9.  An interesting take on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal: you should be paid for your Facebook data.

For Facebook users furious about the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, there are currently two options to protest and protect your data: stay and have little control over your data privacy, or leave and forfeit the convenience and connectivity social media brings.

But what if there was a third option? What if the companies profiting from user-generated data had to pay you for it? What if each user got to decide whom to sell their data to, and at what price?

10.  Finally, I made this vegan macaro-no-cheese for dinner last night and it was so good.  Very highly recommended:

vegan macaroni cheese

Enjoy your Sunday!