weekend links

weekend links

Ten Things

Hello!  Keeping it brief this week!  I had website problems yesterday which took a lot of time, and eventually money to resolve, which was fun.  Back to normal now though!

This week’s links:

1 One of the biggest stories of the week is that Iceland, the supermarket, has been blocked from showing their Christmas advert on UK TV.  The advert, showing the destruction of the orangutan’s rainforest habitat to make space for palm oil plantations, has been blocked by Clearcast over accusations it is ‘too political’.  The supermarket was hoping to showcase its decision to stop using palm oil in its products while raising awareness of the controversial commodity’s environmental impacts.  Where the politics is in this is beyond me, and this tweet summed it all up for me.

2.  In very positive news, more UK electricity was produced by wind and solar sources last year than by nuclear power stations, for the first time.  As a result, greenhouse gas emissions also reduced by 3%.  Go go renewables!

3.  David Attenborough is voicing a Netflix’s Our Planet series – about the beauty and fragility of our natural world.  Controversially though, George Monbiot has said that David Attenborough has betrayed the natural world by deliberately downplaying our impact on nature.  What do you think?

4.  Let’s all move to Finland!

5.  This year’s word of the year was a surprise, competing against words like ‘Gammon’ and ‘Floss’.  Change is a-coming! 

6.  I want to read this book*, but it doesn’t seem to be widely available in the UK.  Looks like I might have to get with the 21st century and try it on Kindle. 

7.  Hallowe’en might have passed, but did you know that two ‘ghost moons’ were discovered orbiting the earth?  Fascinating!

8.  I’m hugely into the idea of re-wilding lynx and wolves and other such animals into their native landscapes, but not everyone, including farmers, has met the idea with the same enthusiasm.  These moves to help farmers get on board with re-wilding are a huge step forward.  

9.  Planning on going vegan?  Turns out there’s an app for that!

10.  Finally, to celebrate the launch of Steamer Trading’s new Reuse and Reduce category, I am hosting a really amazing giveaway over on Instagram.  One lucky person will win a huge zero-waste kit, packed full of fantastic reusables to help you cut your plastic waste.  Moral Fibres readers can also take 10% off along with free delivery at Steamer Trading with the code: WENDY10.  You’ve got until Tuesday to enter!

See you soon!


weekend links

Ten Things

carrot cake oatmeal

Happy November!  I love this week of the year, packed with Halloween and fireworks and other such delights.  Daylight savings though, I could really take or leave that nonsense.  I’m still trying to get used to the time change.  Just me?!  

This week’s links:

1. The big news this week is that wildlife populations are declining at a rapid rate. This was the very best article I read on the subject: capitalism is killing the world’s wildlife populations, not ‘humanity’.

“The Guardian headline reads “Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations”, while the BBC runs with “Mass wildlife loss caused by human consumption”. No wonder: in the 148-page report, the word “humanity” appears 14 times, and “consumption” an impressive 54 times.  There is one word, however, that fails to make a single appearance: capitalism… Although the WWF report comes close to finding the words by identifying culture, economics, and unsustainable production models as the key problems, it fails to name capitalism as the crucial (and often causal) link between these things. It therefore prevents us from seeing the true nature of the problem. If we don’t name it, we can’t tackle it: it’s like aiming at an invisible target“.

2.  Other equally big news is that the City of New York is suing Exxon Mobil, saying it deceived shareholders by deliberately downplaying the expected risks of climate change.

The litigation, which follows more than three years of investigation, represents the most significant legal effort yet to establish that a fossil fuel company misled the public on climate change and to hold it responsible. Not only does it pose a financial threat to Exxon that could run into the hundreds of millions of dollars or more, but it could also strike a blow to the reputation of a company that has worked to rehabilitate its image, framing itself as a leader on global warming“.

3.  Remember the kids suing the US government for inaction on climate change?  Encouragingly, that the case may now head to trial.

4.  Some of fashion’s biggest brands are (finally) addressing the plastic crisis.  The signatories include brands responsible for 20% of all plastic packaging produced around the world, suggesting that this Commitment has the potential to enact real change.

5.  Need an excuse to keep drinking coffee or to keep eating chocolate?  Let me be of service – here’s how drinking coffee and eating chocolate could help save a colony of endangered birds.  You’re most welcome!

6.  This is an interesting article clearing up the debate between paper and plastic packaging.  

7.  Apparently men are doomed, and they are going to take women down with them.  The answer?  As always: weaning ourselves off plastic.  

8.  One way to reduce food waste: use it to make soil healthier.

9.  Keeping clothes out of the bin is the holy grail of sustainable fashion – how close are we?

10.  Finally, I plan on baking the baked carrot cake oatmeal from Green Kitchen Stories (pictured above) today.  The cold weather and dark nights are making me crave hearty foods right now, and I’m sure this is going to fit the bill.

See you next week!


ps: did you catch this week’s post on how to shop online ethically?  It’s been a popular one!