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weekend links

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link round up blog post

link round up blog post

Hey!  Nice to see you again!  Have you had a good week?  We had a fun day yesterday of going to our local country park, doing a spot of cycling, and then watching this week’s Grand Designs.  Did you see it?  I really really loved the house, but man alive, London prices are INSANE!

I have lots of great links for you this week:

1.  Why does ethical fashion cost more?

2.  I didn’t know that Pukka Tea has been bought over by Unilever.  This piece highlights what this means to your tea.

3.  What can we learn from Dr Jane Goodall?  It involves whiskey, a lax attitude to germs, nature and audiobooks.  I like to think Jane and I would get along just swimmingly!

4.  I haven’t flown in years, but sometimes flights are unavoidable.  If you need to fly, are there ways to make your flight greener?  The New York Times thinks so.

5.  The Scottish Government banned fracking in Scotland this week and we are over the moon! #renewablesforlife

6.  Have you heard of Slow Fashion October?  I have only just stumbled upon it and will be following along with interest.

7.  Life goals.

8.  These nature inspired cakes are something else.  Can we talk about the solar system cake for just one second?!  Mind blowing!

9.  This week I found out that quite a few Homebase stores around the country have free cargo bikes, that customers can borrow to transport bulky purchases home.  Whilst the article states the bikes are in England only, I found out that the Craigleith store in Edinburgh has one. Such a clever idea – top marks to Homebase!

10. And finally, how the clouds got their names.   I am forever fascinated by this kind of thing.

And from the Moral Fibres archive, three things you might have missed:

What’s in season in October?

Make your own scouring powder.

Ethical men’s underwear.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


weekend links

Ten Things

eco green blog

eco green blog

Hello!  Nice to see you again!  How was your week?  I have been enjoying the beautiful sunny and warm weather we’ve experienced this week up here near Edinburgh – it’s been so good to top up my somewhat depleted vitamin D levels.  Whilst the weather has been so lovely I’ve been hanging out in parks with my littlest, running races and kicking piles of leaves, and just generally soaking up this incredibly sweet stage of toddlerhood (21 months).  Can’t they just stay this little forever?

This week’s links:

1. Whoop whoop – pub chain Wetherspoons announced they are stopping using plastic straws!

2. I was going to say you’ll not believe what scientists found at the arctic, but it’s all too believable sadly.

3. The father works in the fossil fuel industry, the son works in renewable energy.  How do they manage to get a along?  This short video is a great watch.

4. How to choose wisely.  I feel like I need to memorise this article!

5. Fiona wrote about 10 things that have changed since she went vegan 10 years ago, and I found this an enjoyable read.

6. Modern life is rubbish?

7.  It’s time to practice, not preach, on zero waste fashion say the Huffington Post.

8.  Blue dogs have been spotted in Mumbai, and sadly industrial waste is to blame.

9. It may not be possible to slow down fast fashion, so can the industry ever be sustainable? – via Molly.

10. Oprah is keen gardener.  Who knew?!

Finally, three things from the Moral Fibres archives you might have missed:

Clever upcycled clothing ideas.

Cheap doesn’t always mean good value.

The perfect tiny house.

Have a relaxing Sunday!  We will no doubt be re-watching Sing at some point today.  Have you seen it?  If you have kids then I recommend it highly!  And happy October!  That sure came about quickly!