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weekend links

Ten Things

Hello! And welcome back! I hope you had a great festive season. I spent mine eating all the things, drinking most of the things (responsibly!), and napping at every given opportunity. I liked it a lot. And whilst I disagree with Wizzard, when they sang I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday, I definitely wished on more than one occasion that it could be the period between Christmas and New Year every day!

I have to admit, I always find the sharp contrast between Christmas and New Year a bit jarring. How we go from the focus of things being about keeping cosy, doing fun things, and eating comforting food to suddenly, come 1st of January the focus everywhere you turn is about going to the gym, going on diets, and basically being pretty harsh on ourselves at one of the coldest and darkest times of the year. So, if you don’t mind, you won’t find any of that here in January. I’ll be carrying on with the cosy and being kind to myself. Who’s with me? #keepingitkind

This week’s links:

1.This article on “Why should I sacrifice when big companies are to blame for climate change” is brilliant reading.

“The 100 companies that are responsible for 71 percent of emissions are the biggest fossil fuel producers in the world. The best thing that you can do to fight climate change and hold those companies responsible is to take revenge by jumping into, not out of, the climate action game “.

2. If you’re taking part in Veganuary then here is very useful advice for when half of the table goes meatless and you don’t want to cook 3 different meals for 4 people. Following along with intereest.

3. Is sustainability a class issue?

4. Following on from this, 8 simple and inexpensive ways to be a more ethical consumer in 2019.

5. H&M are looking into paying workers more, but it’s more complicated than just increasing wages.

6. Schools are being urged to eliminate single-use plastic by 2022, which couldn’t come soon enough because if you’ve spent any time in any school at lunchtime then you would know what a massive difference this would make.

7. ‘Momentum is growing’: reasons to be hopeful about the environment in 2019.

8. The world’s first no-kill eggs have gone on sale in Germany and could be coming to the rest of Europe soon.

9. A post from here that you may have missed – are biodegradable plastics good for the environment?

10. Finally, I want you to stop recycling.

Have a lovely Sunday, and remember, be kind to yourself! ;)


weekend links

Ten Things

Hello!  How’s it going?  I have been caught up in a whirlwind of building works and also trying to keep up with my daughter’s school’s festive programme.  if you are a parent of a primary school-aged child then I’m sure you can relate to this

This week’s links:

1. Are we approaching climate change all wrong?

I was surprised when violence crept into my speech three years ago when I started working as a journalist covering climate change.  Some ancient spirit took hold of me, and I found myself deploying the narrative of war.  Carbon tax proposals were “battles” to be fought.  Greenhouse gas emissions had to be “slashed.”  As for climate change itself?  Well, that was an issue to “fight” — and “eco-warriors” and “climate hawks” were leading the charge…  The whole “fighting climate change” frame rests on the assumption that opposition is the best way to get things done. 

2.  2018 wasn’t all bad – here are 99 good news stories you probably didn’t hear about.  

3.  You can now buy £1 boxes of soon to expire fruit and vegetables from Morrisons.  The 1 kg boxes, called Too Good To Waste, are filled with short date produce still in good condition, in a bid to reduce food waste.

4.  Good news beer lovers – Corona is going plastic-free.

5.  Waitrose is also banning glitter.  

6.  Scary stuff – it’s been alleged that Johnson and Johnson baby powder contained asbestosIt’s usage has also been linked to ovarian cancer.

7.  Proof that tough measures work – Australia banned plastic bags and has cut plastic bag usage by 80% in just 3 months – preventing as many as 1.5 billion bags from polluting the environment.

8.  Supermarket vegan Christmas dishes reviewedFavourite quote: “do be careful with jackfruit as its laxative properties are never going to win the vegan public relations war“.

9.  According to Pinterest, sustainability is dominating.  

10.  Finally, I’ve been on the hunt for plastic-free Christmas crackers because my kids insist that it’s not Christmas without crackers to pull.  I was about to go down the DIY route, but before I had to call upon my limited crafting skills, good old Oxfam came to the rescue when I found these plastic-free crackers* in their online shop.  I checked my local Oxfam before ordering and they didn’t carry them but they may be available in larger Oxfam shops.  If not, there’s currently free delivery on all online orders.

The box I ordered arrived this week, and whilst I haven’t pulled them yet to be able to report on the contents (paper hanging tree decorations) the box itself is also pretty much plastic-free, aside for two small bits of sellotape, and the crackers look great.  I’m looking forward to my Christmas dinner going with a plastic-free bang!

I’m signing off now until after Christmas and New Year, so have a really lovely one.  Thanks for all your support in 2018 and I look forward to catching up in 2019!