In the time I’ve been blogging here at Moral Fibres, I’ve not written a single post for teenagers.  The trouble is the sustainability and ethical sector doesn’t seem to embrace and encourage teenagers to take part in the same way as it does with children and adults.  This doesn’t mean I don’t want to write for teenagers: today’s teenagers are the decision makers of tomorrow, so I’m making a point of searching for teen appropriate resources.

Today I came across the great free online game, Plan It Green, from National Geographic.

plan it green computer game

Plan It Green is much like the classic computer game Sims.  In Plan It Green you are in charge of planning and building your own unique energy-efficient city of the future.

As mayor you decide what buildings, factories and power plants to build, where you site your buildings, and whether you invest in carbon based solutions, or in greener alternatives.  You can even choose to invest in sustainability education in your city or town to improve the lives of your citizens.  Each decision comes with benefits or consequences for the environment.  The improvements you choose to make or not to make effect everything from the happiness of your citizens to your city’s air quality.

plan it green game

You can even connect with your friends cities and help them make their city more eco-friendly, and compete with other “mayors” for the most eco-friendly city.

It’s a fun and unique way for 11-15 year olds to engage in and learn about the environment, renewable energy systems and what it takes to build and manage a city of the future.  Hey, it’s even fun for adults…!


All images c/o National Geographic.

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