So, as well as going on holiday last week something else really really great happened to us – we got an allotment!  This month’s fortunes have really turned on us!

After being disheartened by long council waiting lists (9 years in some parts of Edinburgh!) we found a private community allotment association nearby who had a plot going spare.  It’s a fairly big plot, and as we both work and have a toddler to keep us busy we’re sharing the plot with two friends (and their toddlers!), to help spread the load.

My partner and our friend all went up at the weekend to view our plot, and took the above photo at the site.  Our plot is currently covered in weeds but we’re looking forward to weeding it all out and hopefully planting some kale and onions so we can at least get a crop in February.

We’re searching the internet at the moment for useful sites and resources for allotment holders.  If you know of any good sites or resources then do let me know in the comments below or whatever method you prefer.  I’ll put a post together at some point in the near future with my findings and your suggestions as I’m sure other people will find it useful too!

I’ll also be sure to share our progress with the allotment once in a while!  I’m hoping that this time next year we’ll be swimming in courgettes and squashes!