fast fashion infographic

Have a look at this fast fashion infographic that really spells out the problem with the fast fashion industry.

I stumbled upon this fantastically clear fast fashion infographic the other day, which I just had to share.

Many people are simply unaware of the social and environmental problems fast fashion causes. Yet the number of fast fashion garments being produced has doubled in the last 20 years. As a result of this, we are wasting the equivalent of one garbage truck full of textiles every single second.  This is a staggering amount of waste, that has severe ramifications on the planet.

Fast Fashion Infographic

This fast-fashion infographic makes a great case for the need for ethical fashion as it shows clearly just how damaging the fast fashion industry is. Both in terms of its social and environmental footprint.

I did not know that fast fashion retailers make over twice the profit of traditional competitors and mark up goods anywhere between 65 and 75%. Therefore, if you take a new £8 top then the only person gaining in the fast fashion industry is the retailer.

Have a look for yourself.

fashion industry infographic

Infographic created by Alexandria Heinz.

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