For something a little different today, I wanted to share some fun things I’ve found to help spread a little cheer and happiness.  Consider it looking after our mental sustainability ;)

Four Fun Things

Cute Things

donsje bags

Dutch-based Donsje win the award for the world’s cutest kids shoes and accessories – all of which are fairly made in Indonesia.  I can’t pick a favourite – it’s between the deer purse and the lion shoes.  I’m currently trying to talk myself down from buying a pair for my littlest.  She does need new shoes, but does she need lion shoes…?!

Why Didn’t I Know About This Before Things

seedlip non alcoholic spirit

Did you know about alcohol-free gin?  Yes, you read that correctly – alcohol-free gin.  I did not until now, and I have been pregnant twice.  That’s 18.5 months (an extra 0.5 there on account of the first being so late) of my adult life being pregnant and unable to drink gin, and being completely unaware of an alcohol-free alternative.   I weep.

So whether you are currently pregnant, or you are the designated driver, or you just fancy something refreshing on a hot day at a time when it may be socially unacceptable to drink gin then I feel it’s my civic duty to recommend trying out Seedlip.

The nice people at sent me a bottle to try out, and I have been enjoying it very much.  Distilled in the UK using botanicals, such as spearmint, rosemary, and thyme, it’s crafted in a similar manner to a gin, just without the alcohol.  As well as being alcohol-free, it’s also sugar and sweetener-free. This gives it a grown-up taste rather than simply being a cordial.

It’s recommended to serve over ice, with elderflower tonic and a ribbon of cucumber.  I’d also add to those recommendations a sunny garden or balcony, bare feet, and a good book or good company!

Literary Things

Frankie Magazine put this list together of books to read when you’re pissed off at the world. I found myself nodding along with so much of this.  I’ve mentally added some books to my list of things to read one day when I’ve got time and no little people asking for snacks or drinks, or for me to put CBeebies on or to put a pair of trousers on Barbie.  It’s going to happen one day, right?

Tiny Fun Things

anonymouse_mxx sweden mouse house

Finally, a group of unknown street artists in Sweden, going by the name of AnonyMouse (I see what they did there), are building tiny hangouts for mice. This includes an “amousement” arcade, a fortune teller’s caravan, an Italian restaurant, and more.  The mouse economy must be booming!  Follow along on Instagram for the tiniest and sweetest art installations that aren’t at all cheesy.

Got any fun things you want to share?

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