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I Tried Good Clean Stuff’s Laundry Detergent Sheets, Here’s How I Got On | AD

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The cleaning industry is a dirty business. Between the impacts of plastic packaging on the environment, the news that chemicals used in cleaning products are a huge hidden source of carbon emissions, and the impacts of those chemicals on our health – it seems that cleaning products aren’t as clean as they should be.

Thankfully there are eco-friendly brands out there that are committed to delivering excellent cleaning results, whilst cutting out plastic packaging and removing harmful chemicals from their products.

Good Clean Stuff is one such brand that is committed to cleaning up the laundry world. I tried out its zero-waste and plastic-free laundry detergent sheets – here’s how I got on! And if you keep reading you’ll find out how you can try these sheets too, alongside a handy 20% discount code.

Who Are Good Clean Stuff?

Good Clean Stuff's laundry detergent sheets next to a laundry basket.

Good Clean Stuff is a small family start-up based in the UK, that seeks to revolutionise the way you wash by delivering the cleaning power you need with modern, eco-conscious packaging.

Dismayed at the laundry options available to environmentally conscious shoppers, Good Clean Stuff has been on a mission to do things better.

Its clever laundry detergent sheets offer a greener alternative to liquid detergents. By reformulating liquid detergent into solid sheets, Good Clean Stuff has drastically reduced the resources needed to make, package, and ship its laundry detergent.

Not only does this reduce carbon emissions, but its fully plastic-free packaging also reduces the amount of plastic ending up in landfills and in our oceans.

Meanwhile, its eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free formula cleans effectively, with minimal impact on the planet.

Do Good Clean Stuff’s Laundry Detergent Sheets Actually Work?

This all sounds great, but the key question is do these laundry detergent sheets actually work?

I’ve been trying out Good Clean Stuff’s laundry detergent sheets for the past few weeks now, and I’m pleased to report that yes, they do work. Quite impressively so, in fact.

I’ve been mainly using the linen fresh scented sheets, and my clothes have been coming out clean and fresh smelling. The laundry strips do smell quite strong in the box, but after you wash your clothes, the scent is in no way overpowering. It imparts a barely-there scent, which I really like.

If you have allergies or are not into scented sheets, you can use Good Clean Stuff’s unscented sheets. I’ve tried these too, and there’s zero difference in performance.

The sheets don’t produce much foam – but don’t let the lack of bubbles worry you. I have found its non-bio formula is definitely as powerful as traditional liquid and powder detergents.

Good Clean Stuff’s laundry sheets have taken on the messes my kids get into with ease. Tomato sauce, chocolate ice cream, and mud have all been conquered in just one wash. And their swimming gear comes out of the wash without even a hint of a smell of chlorine.

Whilst I don’t use conventional fabric conditioner, my clothes, towels and bed sheets feel really soft just by using the strips alone.

I do still pre-treat most stains with some of my natural stain removal tips, as I would do with any stain and any laundry detergent. However, even on the dirty items I haven’t pre-treated – like my cleaning cloths or tea towels – I have noticed them coming out lovely and clean.

There’s been zero residue left in my machine – something I was worried about after a bad experience with another brand of laundry strips. And I haven’t found any residue on my clothing – something you can sometimes get with laundry powder.

Something else that I like is that the super thin box barely takes up any space in our very small kitchen. And the box would be great to take on holiday – it would fit into your luggage with ease with no danger of mess or spillage.

How Do You Use The Laundry Detergent Sheets?

laundry detergent sheets in cardboard box

As well as the performance of Good Clean Stuff’s laundry detergent sheets, I’ve been impressed with the ease of use.

Each sheet is handily pre-measured. So all you need to do is place either half or a full sheet directly into the drum of your washing machine, depending on the load size, and then pop your laundry on top.

Unlike laundry pods or tablets, the recyclable cardboard box opens easily – so is ideal if you have any dexterity problems.

The sheets are also handily perforated. This means if you are using half a sheet, there’s no need to cut it with scissors. Just tear and go!

What I like is that there’s no scooping out the amount of laundry detergent powder you need, or measuring out the amount of laundry liquid you need. This eliminates any mess (no laundry liquid dripping down the side of the bottle or spilt powder!). It also speeds up the laundry process. Just throw a sheet in and you’re done.

Then all you have to do is run your preferred laundry cycle. I was worried the sheets might only dissolve in hot water, but cleverly the sheets work in hot or cold water. This means you don’t have to reserve them for hot water washes, saving you energy.

You can also handwash items – even delicates – using the laundry strips. Simply dissolve the number of strips you need in hot or cold water, and wash as normal.

One box will tackle 32 large loads of up to 9kg or 64 regular loads of 4.5 kg. And once finished the box can be placed in your paper and cardboard recycling.

How Eco-Friendly Is It?

Good Clean Stuff offers a genuinely eco-friendly solution to doing your laundry. There are no harsh chemicals in its laundry strips. This means you won’t find any chlorine, parabens, preservatives, bleaches, phosphates, phthalates, optical brighteners or whitening agents here.

These are all ingredients which are often found in traditional liquid and powder detergents. The removal of these creates a laundry detergent that’s kind to both your skin and to our waterways and marine life.

Good Clean Stuff’s laundry detergent sheets are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Its supply chain is also completely free of animal testing. Meanwhile, its packaging is completely plastic-free.

Where To Buy

You can buy laundry sheets directly from Good Clean Stuff – in boxes of 64 up to 384 sheets for those that prefer to buy in bulk. These cost from 18p per wash. Take 20% off your order by using the exclusive discount code MF20 at the checkout.

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