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Looking for blog post writing tips for eco and ethical bloggers? I’ve got you covered!

The second and penultimate part of my mini-series about green blogging is about coming up with ideas for blog posts (perhaps the hardest part about blogging!). I’ve also got some useful tips for ethical blog post writing.

Coming Up With Post Ideas

The thing about blogging is that you have to keep coming up with ideas of what to blog about on a daily basis. I’m not going to lie, sometimes that can be really hard!  Sometimes you feel like you’re full of good ideas. And other times your mind feels completely empty and you’re questioning why you even write a blog in the first place!

Brainstorming Sessions

To help overcome writer’s block I normally have a brainstorming session every other month. Here I sit down away from my computer and have a think about what I would like to blog about. 

Over a cup of tea, I come up with a list of ideas for blog posts. I find it really handy to have this list in the bank, so to speak, for whenever writer’s block strikes (surprisingly often!).  For example, this post on things you’ve always wanted to ask a vegetarian was born out of a brainstorming session.

Regular Series

It can also be really useful having a regular series on your blog to help plan out content.  For example, I post at least one Your Ethical Style post a month. As well as that I’m currently posting a What’s In Season This Month post. Having these regular features really helps take pressure away from having to keep coming up with new ideas!

Other times inspiration just randomly strikes and I write a post then and there.  For example, one day my bus went past a Co-Op Bank, and my mind started to think about ethical banks. As such, that post was born out of that flash of inspiration.  Other times I’ll write a post in response to a question a reader has asked me, such as this post on can you recycle envelopes.  The moral is to be flexible, and you’ll never know where inspiration might strike!

As the blog is a bit of a mix between things I’ve researched – like plastic in teabags – and things that are going on in my life, then this makes life a bit easier for me. This is because the posts about things going on in my life happen very organically without much thought, planning, or brainstorming.  Things like what’s going on our allotment, or things I’ve made recently – these are all easy posts for me to write quite quickly!

Blog Post Writing Tips

To be honest, I don’t have any prescriptive tips for writing other than to write in your natural voice.  As in all parts of life, it’s much easier to be yourself than pretend to be someone you’re not.  The other real piece of solid advice I can give you about writing a blog post is to focus on your headline.  I’m a fan of writing quite descriptive headlines so that people searching for information in Google, or whatever search engine they are using, can easily find my post.  For example, this post on vegan cakes is called “Six Delicious Vegan Cakes” rather than something a bit more vague or abstract so it can easily be searched for.

The Blog Post Writing Process

My writing process varies wildly.  Sometimes I’ll have an idea and I can write the post very quickly. Meanwhile, at other times I’ll write a bit of a post and come back to it again and again over time, writing bits here and there until it’s finished.  I normally have a few different draft blog posts on the go.  It’s just how I work. You might work differently – that’s ok!

mollie makes blogging

The Mollie Makes Guide to Blogging is full of really good advice on blog post writing. Especially if you’re looking for advice on a much more structured approach to blog writing. It’s actually the only resource I own on blogging!  Sadly it’s out of stock online, but you might be able to find it in your local library or eBay?

Use Images In Your Posts

Perhaps it’s a personal preference, but I’m quite a visual person. When it comes to blogs I like to see text broken up with photos rather than just being presented with a big chunk of text.  I’m also not particularly keen on websites with tiny photos on them – so make them a good size.  It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you use, or if you just use the camera on your phone – just as long as the photos are large and clear – particularly if you’re taking photos of something you’ve baked/cooked or made!

I’d also add that adding images is also essential if you want to promote your post on social media, particularly Pinterest. Or if you want others to share your post on Pinterest. But I’ll cover all of that in the next installment!

How Often Should I Blog?

How often should I blog is such a common question but one that is really hard to answer.  In short – whatever works for you.

Some people say to succeed in blogging you should be blogging every day.  I think this is nonsense. Find a frequency that suits you.  Even if you did have the time to blog every single day, 365 days a year, then 365 posts is an awful lot of things to think up to blog about, let alone write.   And blogging every day is no good if you’re just churning out rubbish just for the sake of meeting an entirely made-up target.  It’s better to be known for writing one really good post a week than seven so-so posts a week!

What Works For Me

I personally blog roughly twice a week. This fits in with my life and my other jobs and responsibilities.  If you want to blog less than this then that’s fine too. There are no rules!  

As well as writing two posts a week I also take a break occasionally. Over Christmas and if I take a summer holiday, and any other time I need to. This is because a) I’m only human, b) it’s just me writing the blog, and c) and no-one’s going to be upset (or probably even notice!) if I take a day or week off.   Blog to suit you and your life – but don’t be a slave to it!  If you’re not having fun your readers will know.  Blogging should be about having fun. I do it as my hobby, not as a job, and you should do it on your own terms – you’re the boss after all!

That’s me for this installment!  I know some of you guys found the first post on green blogging useful so I hope this post has matched your expectations! Now check out my final post on promoting your blog post. I also have some tips on staying motivated, which can be difficult when you’re an ethical blogger.

ps: missed the first installment about ethical blogging?  It’s all about setting up a blog and getting started – take a look, you might find it useful!

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