vegetable planting calendar

Looking for a free vegetable planting calendar and guide?  Read on!

I found this really handy vegetable planting calendar and guide on Pinterest the other day.  I was browsing for allotment inspiration, and thought it would be great to share with you.

It’s such a handy vegetable planting calendar, that I’ve found myself referencing it multiple times already.  I’m sure you will find the calendar just as useful as I do!

For example, did you know you can sow such a surprising amount of seeds in autumn and winter to get a head start for next year?  And did you know that onions are a great bulb to grow, and not just for use in your cooking?  It’s true – apparently, onions repel most pests that attack crops.  Guess what I’m going to be growing right now?!

There are also some great tips here for beginners.

A Handy Vegetable Planting Calendar

vegetable planting guide

How handy is that?!  I know I’m going to be referencing it so much, especially the vegetable planting calendar, as we do more work on our allotment.

ps: In case you’re wondering, our allotment is going great guns!  The plot needs a lot of work – but we’ve cleared a lot of ground and weeds out and our friend has built a fence.  We’ve got quite a few big jobs to do, such as repairing the shed and greenhouse, but we’re also doing the fun stuff, like planning out our beds, and as it’s quite a large plot we are even picking out what fruit trees we want to plant (apples, all the apples!).  We even have some seeds and plant cuttings growing in mini-greenhouses ready for our poly-tunnel which we’ve bought but need to clear the ground for.  At the moment it’s still not much to look at, but we hope it will be by spring!

PPS: more garden inspiration on my gardening Pinterest board.  I also have a fledgling allotment Pinterest board – like my own allotment it’s a work in progress!

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