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As promised in my last installment of my how to build an ethical wardrobe from scratch, let’s talk about all things sales shopping.  Specifically on how to stick to your ethical guns when prices of things are dropping like mad.

Black Friday, which was only introduced to the UK a few years ago, but has caused chaos, is right around the corner, as are a whole host of other crazy sales that often pop up around this time of year.  Sales of up to 70% off aren’t that uncommon any more, even from ethical retailers.

It has to be said, I do like a good sale.  Being mindful of my budget, it’s a good way to buy the ethical things I need at a more affordable price.  I keep a mental list of things I need so that when the sales roll round I can fill the gaps in my wardrobe.

Sometimes whilst perusing the sales I will spot something not on my list that will make me go ooh.  If I can work out that I will wear it enough times to justify the cost per wear then I might consider it.  But before clicking the add to cart button, I ask myself one question: “would I pay full price for this?“.

For the list of things I need I know I would definitely pay full price for them.  It just so happens that I know I could get them cheaper if I just waited.

For those impromptu items that catch my eye, asking myself if I would pay full price for it keeps me in check.  If I’m only interested in the item because it is reduced, and I know I wouldn’t pay full price, then I know that I’m only tempted by the ticket price and don’t actually need the item.

I know only full well from my own previous experience that poorly thought out sales purchases just end up languishing at the back of the wardrobe, either worn once or twice, before being deemed not suitable.  Or worse, never worn at all.

A bargain isn’t a bargain when you don’t end up wearing it.  And a poorly thought out ethical purchase that sits unworn is almost as bad, nay, as bad, as a poorly thought out fast fashion purchase.  According to a recent survey the average wardrobe in the UK contains 11 items still with the tags on, which is pretty wasteful, and not just that but awful for our bank balances too.

Let’s be savvy together this coming sales season!

How do you keep your cool in the sales?  Do share your tips!

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