Ever wondered the best way to cycle in a long skirt? It turns out you just need a 1 pence coin and an elastic band. Intrigued? Read on!

how to cycle in a long skirt

Do you remember my great post with Jo Holtan the other week, where she shared her top cycling tips for beginners?  

Well, Jo and her friends at Cyclehack have completely blown things out of the water with this mind-blowing super simple cycle tip for cycling whilst wearing a long skirt.  Called Penny In Yo Pants, it’s a simple tip to stop flashing people when you wear a skirt when you’re cycling. An all too common problem when wearing skirts! I know I’ve done it before!

How To Cycle In A Long Skirt

It’s easier to watch Jo’s tip in video form, so here you go:

Penny In Yo Pants from Johanna Holtan on Vimeo.

In case you can’t see the video, I will try to describe it. Bear with me, it’s easier to see it in action than it is to describe!

First, you put on a skirt and grab a penny. Next, push the penny from the back of the skirt to the front to create almost like a button between both layers of your skirt. Wrap the rubber band around the “button” and you’re good to go.

This trick works because the extra weight from the penny keeps the skirt down. And, because the front and back layers of the skirt are connected, it also helps preserve your modesty. Confused? Do check out the video if you can!

If you don’t have a penny to hand, a pebble or small rock would also do the trick.

Isn’t that crazily simply, yet effective?  I tried it out on my bike over the weekend whilst wearing a long skirt and it totally works!  I’ve tried using a peg before, but it never quite seemed to work. I would never have dreamed of using a penny and an elastic band!

Jo and her friends at Cyclehack are also working on developing a commercial version of Penny in Yo Pants, which they say will prevent the puckering of skirt fabric that happens when you use a penny.  They’ll be launching through Kickstarter soon, and some of the proceeds from purchases will go towards supporting the Afghanistan Women’s National Cycling Team.  You can find out more about this worthy cause here – it’s well worth sparing the 3 minutes to watch the video – very inspiring stuff!

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