Want to know how to make your smartphone battery last longer? Read on, because I’ve got all the tips for you!

Smartphones drink power like nothing else: my iPhone is lucky if it lasts a whole day without needing recharging. Chances are that yours does too if you’ve landed here. The good news is that I’ve put together all of my best handy hints on how to extend battery life on your smartphone.

My first ever mobile phone (this one, in 1999!) would last for days upon days without so much as having to blink at a charger.  Of course, my smartphone has considerably more features than that early Nokia. And I’m certainly not for a second suggesting switching off all of the features that make a smartphone smart, rather than just a phone. However, I’ve got eleven clever ways for you on how to extend battery life.  They might not get you up to the early Nokia level of battery life, but help you carve out a little bit of extra battery!

How To Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

how to make your smartphone battery last longer - iphone or android

1.  Turn the brightness down

Just as turning down the brightness on your TV can save energy, turning down the brightness on your smartphone can extend its battery life quite dramatically.  Set it to the minimum level your eyes can cope with, without straining, and you soon get used to the dimmer screen, promise!

2.  Use wifi when you can

If you’re in range of a wifi network then connect to it rather than using cellular data.  Apparently, it uses less energy! This is because when your phone uses cellular data, it is always searching for a cellular connection.

3.  Switch off wifi and Bluetooth when you’re not using them

If you’re not connected to a wifi or Bluetooth network your smartphone will continue to search for one. Simply switching off wifi or Bluetooth when you’re not using them will help conserve precious battery life.

4.  Switch of location services/GPS

Some apps work well with GPS, such as mapping apps, and location services on things like Facebook, etc. However, it’s best to only switch on location services when you need to use them.  Otherwise, it will run and run in the background, constantly calibrating where you are, and constantly sucking the battery.

5.  Switch off vibration alerts

For years and years, I’ve much preferred the vibration alert of my phone, over a ringtone.  Imagine my despair when I learned that ringtones use less power than vibration alerts.  Vibration alerts are useful – when you’re in a meeting, or at the cinema for example. However, at other times when your ringing phone won’t disturb anyone, switch the vibration alert off. You’ll make your smartphone battery last longer.

6.  Don’t quit applications when you’ve finished using them.  

I used to think that closing apps once you finished using them was key to extending battery life. However, a couple of years ago Apple and Google confirmed that closing your phone’s apps once you’re done does absolutely nothing to improve your battery life. In fact, Hiroshi Lockheimer, the VP of Engineering for Android, said closing them actually drains the battery life.

7.  Switch off your smartphone when you don’t need to be reached

If you’re going into a meeting and don’t want to be disturbed, or you’re in the cinema enjoying a particularly gripping movie then switch it off rather than switching it to silent mode.  Contrary to popular belief, switching a phone off and then on again later doesn’t use more battery.

In fact, an Apple Genius said that in order to maximise your iPhone’s battery life, you should turn your phone off at least once a week, to help preserve battery life.

8.  Switch off push notifications

I hate push notifications with a passion.  Unless you’re waiting on a really important email then you probably don’t need email push notifications. Let alone all the other apps that want to send you push notifications.  Every time you receive a push notification your phone lights up consuming battery power – switch that setting right off to make your smartphone battery last longer.

9.  Don’t leave your phone charging overnight.  

According to Apartment Therapy leaving your phone charging overnight apparently fries the battery faster than you can say “smartphone battery charger”. This is because leaving your phone plugged in after reaching 100% damages your phone’s battery in the long term.

10.  Consider your wallpaper

As strange as it sounds, a light coloured wallpaper on your phone uses more battery power than a dark coloured one.  Animated wallpapers may look fun but are big battery killers too.

11.  Keep Your Smartphone Cool

You really want to avoid leaving your phone on the dashboard of your car, or on a window ledge on the two hot summer days that we get a year. Smartphones don’t like the heat, and their battery runs out quicker in hot weather. Similarly, don’t leave your smartphone on a radiator.

Smartphones don’t like heat because their lithium-ion batteries contain fluids that work through chemical reactions to power the phone’s components. When external heat gets applied to the battery, the fluid inside it starts to evaporate and that can damage the internal structure of the battery.

So there you are, eleven really easy ways on how to extend battery life on your smartphone!  Try them out and see if you can charge your phone much less frequently!  If I’ve missed some add your own in the comments below!

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