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Many of us are part of an online social network. In fact, as of January 2021, 77.9% of the population of the UK were members of at least one social media platform. But have you ever stopped to think about these platforms work, and how they use our data?

We might think that using sites such as Facebook to share updates with our friends and family seems innocuous enough. However, the primary reason for these sites to exist isn’t to let you share holiday photos with your friends. They exist to make money on your data.

Yup, these sites actually exist to gather data on you, based on the updates you share, the posts that you like on the site, and the links you click on the site. The site then analyses the information you have shared, to build up a picture of your interests and your life.

What they do with that profile of you then gets a little unethical. This is because the sites then allow advertisers to target you via personalised adverts. Advertisers can target you based on your age, location, and what you like or what you are interested in. And advertisers pay a premium to deliver targeted adverts straight to your homepage, lining the pockets of the tech giants.

In fact, a few years ago the Competition Watchdog even went as far as to suggest that Facebook should pay people to use their website, such is the value of the information the platform collects from people.

Whilst Facebook has not taken heed of this advice, thankfully others have. Step forward WeAre8. This is a certified B Corp, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental impact, that seeks to change the world by displacing power from the tech giants.

Who Are WeAre8?

How to change the world with WeAre8's new app

Sue Fennessey, the founder of WeAre8 says “social media users are the largest unpaid workforce in human history. We are changing that”. As such, WeAre8 wants to challenge the view that social networks should be making all the money from your precious time. Instead, they believe that when brands value people, respect us, and the things we care about, we can all change the world together and have fun doing it.

So rather than exploit your data, WeAre8 seeks to change this exploitative and unethical model. Instead, through their app, users get paid 10 to 20p to watch an advertising video from one of WeAre8’s brand partners. Brands also donate to charity every time you watch their video adverts.

By giving brands a simple and ethical way to reach and engage their target consumers, brands can deliver on their business goals. At the same time, they can make a positive social impact and address the world’s largest problems. It’s a win-win.

Many charities that have benefited from donations from the WeAre8 community over the past few months. This includes those tackling food poverty, such as Mary’s Meals and The Trussell Trust. Meanwhile, LGBT+ children’s charity  Just Like Us, and environmental charity Plastic Oceans have also received donations.

How To Change The World In 2 Minutes

WeAre8 smartphone app

To change the world, simply download the WeAre8 app. You can download it free of charge through the Apple store or Google Play.

Once you are all set up, you can watch brand video ads delivered to you when and how you want. Receive notifications either by SMS, push notification, or email. After completing the video you answer 1-3 questions. This allows you to earn money in your spare time.

You can keep track of your earnings through the WeAre8 app interface. As well as being able to see what you’ve earned, you are also able to see how much has been donated to charity through your involvement with the App.

What you then choose to do with your earnings is your choice. You can withdraw it into your Paypal account. Or if your mobile phone contract is with EE, you can use your earnings to auto-pay your EE mobile bill. Alternatively, you can pay it forward to a charity you love.

What is reassuring is that you can opt-out at any time. You are not tied into using WeAre8.

What If I’m Not In The UK?

For those of you who live outside of the UK, don’t worry, you can still join the WeAre8 community. Whilst you won’t get paid for your time, you can still download the WeAre8 app. Here you can access the community feed where you can get inspired by amazing people and celebrate with others committed to changing the world. And by standing together, WeAre8 says we can use our collective muscle to call on brands to put their money and muscle with people and the planet rather than the tech giants.

Find out more on the WeAre8 website, and download the free app through the Apple store or Google Play to start changing the world, and earning today.

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