hand knitted baby cardigan

Teeny tiny hand-knitted cardigans (and a teeny tiny sleeping baby).

moses basket

A teeny tiny bed that has slept three babies now.

newborn baby clothes

Teeny tiny newborn baby clothes, that, rather heartbreakingly, are already outgrown and packaged up, ready to be worn by a little baby that’s due very soon.

washable nappies

A stack of washable nappies.

muslin cloths

A stack of muslin cloths.  Because you can never have too many.

big sister

Kisses from a big sister.  Because you can never have too many of those either.

The last 8 weeks have been all the emotions, all at the same time.  Life with a newborn is at times overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating, but also so very full of love.  Sometimes it’s just sitting marveling at the tiny sleeping human you created when really you should be doing something productive like having a shower, loading the washing machine, or putting some food in your mouth.

Life with a newborn and a pre-schooler is telling the pre-schooler to be gentle with their over-exuberant kisses or cuddles or telling the pre-schooler to stop shouting because the baby is sleeping, both about 100 times a day.  Sometimes it’s wondering when your oldest baby got so grown up, and wondering just where the time has gone.

Life right now is fulfilling and at times monotonous – but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

Not pictured: sciatica.  Urgh.  Any advice gratefully received!  I’ve been laid up for a week now, and walking is near impossible.  As it’s been brought on by pregnancy, I’ve been referred to a physiotherapist, so hopefully, I won’t have to wait too long. 

I will get back into regular blogging soon, but in the meantime, I have a load of posts in my archives that you might enjoy.  Some ethical clothing inspiration for autumn, a guide to ethical jumpers, and some ethical bedroom inspiration.  It’s a varied bunch.  Don’t say I’m not good to you!  

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