Here’s what we’ve been to lately.

Baby Things

cradle cap coconut oil

This sweet little whorl.  Also, can I just say it’s taken me until my second baby to learn that you can remove cradle cap by rubbing your baby’s head in coconut oil, leaving it in for a few hours, then combing it all out with a nit comb.  This method takes it all off and is strangely satisfying.  If only someone had told me that first time round!  Bonus – your baby smells of coconut!  Cons – everything might get a bit oily for a couple of hours.  Pop muslins down.

Green Gardening

pink plant

Getting busy in our yard.  Our tiny yard is 100% concrete and a bit neglected.  Last year, when we moved in we erected a bike shed and potted a few plants, and called it a day.  I’ve been trying to spruce it up a little with zero budget.  It’s going slowly.  This is one of the brighter, neater corners.


Allotment Tending

Allotmenting.  My partner and daughter have planted a lot of seeds over the last little while, and then we transferred a load of them over to the allotment once they reached a decent size and the weather was fairly consistent.  But, as our allotment is some kind of slug paradise we basically just grew a load of slug food.  We’ve planted some more seeds in the hope that something (anything!) might grow.  If we get one courgette or cucumber out of this year’s crop then we’ll call it a success.  We’ve tried all sorts of natural slug control over the years to not much avail, so this year we’re bringing out the big guns.  My other half has just ordered some natural slug predators – nematodes – and we’ll see how that goes with the slimy critters.  I’ll write a blog post on it to let you know!


Observing The Seasons

On our walk back and forth to nursery each day my eldest daughter and I have been observing the changing of the seasons.  We’ve been watching the buds appearing on the trees, then slowly unfurling, and now, enjoying them in full bloom.  Seventy percent of the time I’m glad we don’t have a car to take in these little things you only notice on foot (the 30% I don’t is for when the bus is very late, or it’s pouring with rain or one of my children is a bit cranky).

Green Cleaning

pink grapefruit

 Experimenting with citrus fruit.  If successful expect a blog post soon! ;)

Not pictured: measuring.  We’re adding a small extension to our home so that we can have the absolute luxury of having a bathroom upstairs. We’re also getting rid of the cupboard under our stairs to create a dining area (we live in a really small house).  We’re consequently decluttering like there is no tomorrow.  We’re not people that have a lot of stuff, but somehow it feels like we own all the stuff.

Other things: I recently joined Snapchat.  I’m not really sure what I’m doing on there or how it works (somehow, because I’m over thirty it’s absolutely unfathomable to me!) but I’ll give it a go.  My username is moralfibres on there if you want to come and find me.  I’m not sure what you should expect yet!

PS: catch up on last month’s roundup here.

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