Gosh, it’s been a little while since I last wrote one of these.  Here’s a whistle-stop tour:



Holidays.  On account of ongoing costly home renovations, we took a holiday at home in the summer.  Or rather, we took a holiday at my parent’s home whilst they holidayed elsewhere.  My parents live on the west coast of Scotland, so it’s a handy base.  We got really lucky with the weather (seriously lucky) and took a few sun-drenched day trips around and about the area.

On one such day trip, we hopped on the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry from Largs and made the 8-minute journey to the tiny Isle of Cumbrae, in the Firth of Clyde.  From the ferry slipway, we made our way to the town of Millport (the only town on Cumbrae) and had a blast exploring beaches and bays, picnicking, building sandcastles, paddling, and exploring.  It’s such a genteel, slow-paced, and beautiful little island and we’re already planning our next trip back.  Hopefully by bike as it’s a cyclist’s paradise!

Home Renovations


Speaking of those costly home renovations, we finally have a finished kitchen.  It only took us a year from getting the units installed to actually finishing the thing (including plastering, tiling, and painting).  All I’ll say is after a year and a half of moving in, it’s just nice having functioning blinds in our kitchen.  It’s kind of funny to look back at our old mould-ridden kitchen. but it certainly wasn’t funny living with it at the time!



I had a birthday.  To my eldest, this was far too exciting for words.  Drawings were produced.  Cards were made.  And the day before my birthday we visited the park.  Unbeknown to me, she picked a flower, got it home, and kept it in her bedroom for a few hours before declaring that she wanted to give me an early birthday present – this little flower.  Hands down my favourite gift.



My eldest started school in August.  All the emotions.

And finally, I’ve got a few weeks of maternity leave left before I head back to work. This means I’ve been busy fitting in all the things I’ve wanted to do.  From people I’ve wanted to see, to places I’ve wanted to go, and things I’ve wanted to do. I’ve been slowly fitting it all in during school hours with my littlest sidekick in tow.  I’ve been feeling a little melancholic that I have to go back to work because for the most part it’s been fun just hanging out with my kids for nine months.  Even when one has eaten bum cream whilst the other has had a tantrum, as was the case last week…

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