Oh my, I don’t know about you but March is one month I’ll be glad to sweep right under the rug and never think of again!  What a month of stress and ill-health and more.

The silver lining to all the March ridicule is that we’ve found and bought a new home – a lovely little Victorian cottage – and move in just a couple of days!  I’m writing this amidst a sea of boxes (I didn’t think we owned THAT much stuff!) and trying to psyche myself up for the impending moving of All Of The Stuff (we’re doing it ourselves) and all of the painting and DIY that needs doing.  

I’m a little sad to move from our little maisonette – it’s been the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere as an adult – but very excited to move to our cottage, even though it needs so much work (and a wood burner installing – oh yes, this is indeed going to be happening!!).


On the blog

Before I bore you with more details of our new house (I could go on for days!), here’s what’s been going down on the blog this month, that you might have missed:

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Elizabeth Stilwell’s Ethical Style (pictured above)

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Some ethical gift ideas for mums – I know Mother’s Day has passed now but handy to keep in mind for birthdays!

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I was also guest posting on the Braintree Clothing website this month!

floral biscuits

From around the internet

Here are some interesting things I found on the internet this month:

Are the UK’s carbon emissions really falling, or are we outsourcing them to China?

The prettiest biscuits (above)!

Feed ducks with peas, grapes, and lettuce – not bread.

The Eiffel Tower has embraced wind power!

What’s wrong with what we eat?

decoupage easter eggs

From the Moral Fibres archives – you might have missed: eco-friendly easter egg alternatives, gardening with kids, and my guide to alternative search engines.

Back tomorrow with what’s in season in April (hint: all the good things!)!  After that things will be a little quiet for a few weeks as we’ll be without internet for a while (and maybe electricity and gas too, but I’m trying not to think too hard about that very small point…!).

PS: catch up on February’s post here.

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