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Hello!  Did you have a good November?  Mine has been Busy (with a capital B!).  I started an additional job this month, and I’m working an extra day a week.  It’s been a hard juggling act to find time for everything.  Let alone the blog and emails!

In an attempt to carve out more time, or find that elusive extra hour in the day, I’ve taken to writing the blog on my phone on my commute to work (as I write this it’s 8 am and I’m on the bus to Edinburgh!).  At the moment it’s working out surprisingly well.  I write best in the morning, and the 1-hour uninterrupted window in the morning without the distraction of email and social media are actually really productive for me.  Evenings after work on the bus are another story – my brain is officially fried by then – so there is no blogging to be had.

So for the next little while, at least the blog will mostly be written on the move!  Do say hello if you ever see me tapping away at my phone of a morning!

gingerbread body scrub

This month the blog has gone a little bit wild for Christmas.  First I shared some homemade Christmas gift ideas (like the delicious-sounding gingerbread body scrub, above) and then I shared my four ethical gift guides – ethical gifts for the home; ethical gifts for her; ethical gifts for him; and ethical gifts for kids.

I also shared some facts about meat that were really interesting/shocking in equal measures.  Did you know that globally we consume 308.2 million tonnes of meat a year?  Ridiculous!  On the completely other side of the coin, I shared some vegan recipes in celebration of World Vegan Month.

ethical clothes

In fashion, Jamillah from the blog Made To Travel shared her ethical style secrets with us.  I’ve got some more great ethical style posts coming up in December so watch this space!

vintage kitchen

Finally, I shared a stunning vintage home packed full of secondhand finds.  Even the kitchen and cooker were secondhand from Gumtree.  This post was a big favourite on Pinterest this month.

From the Moral Fibres archives, I have some posts I think you’ll love this month.  This post on eco-friendly Christmas trees might be handy for you.  And my guide to online ethical alternatives to Amazon is one that is always handy, especially at this time of year!

And last, but not least, be sure to check out blog sponsor Wildly Woolly’s fabulous range of fair trade and organic kids toys. Especially if you’re looking to buy an ethical gift for a child – the toys are incredibly sweet with a great story behind them:

wildy woolly

See you tomorrow for what’s in season in December!

PS: Catch up on October’s post here.

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