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This is a sponsored post in association with Friends of Glass.

When you think of one of the most hard-working and sustainable items in your kitchen what springs to mind?  To me, it’s always the humble glass jar.

From jams and marmalades to cordials, I use my glass jars to store all of my homemade goodies in.  I’ve also recently started using jars in the fridge and freezer to store leftovers, in place of Tupperware tubs.  No breakages to report so far!

Why You Should Be A Friend Of Glass

Here’s what to love about the green powerhouse that is the glass jar.

  1. Glass has an endless life.  It is 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinitely without loss of quality.  And did you know it can take just 30 days for your bottle or jar to return as a new bottle or jar to the store shelf?
  2. Unlike tin cans glass packaging is a healthy choice because it needs no chemical layer to protect what it contains, so there is no danger of toxic chemicals, such as BPA, leaching into food and drinks.
  3. Glass preserves the taste of food and drink perfectly, making it a friend of all food.
  4. Food and drink preserved in glass helps keep food and drink fresher for longer.
  5. Glass is made from three naturally occurring, abundant materials – soda ash, limestone and sand.
  6. Modern glass bottles and jars are typically up to 40% lighter yet stronger thanks to new manufacturing processes.

The History Behind the Humble Jar

Friends of Glass shared this infographic with me on the history of glass jars, which makes for fascinating reading:

friends of glass infographic

If the image is too small to read properly, click here to see a bigger version that you can zoom in on!

If you’re equally enthused about glass, then Friends of Glass is the community for you.  This community supports everything about glass packaging and advocates a lifestyle that includes glass for three main reasons: health, taste, and sustainability.  I’m sure we can raise a glass to that!  ;)

The Friends of Glass community believes that many families and retailers are unaware of these benefits of glass, and so want to spread the word.  You can help by joining the ever-growing number of glass advocates on Facebook and/or Twitter, to help add your voice!

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