I’m Back!

Hello – just a little quick note to say firstly a huge thank you to you all and for your lovely supportive comments, emails and messages whilst I took a much-needed break. They were an absolute delight to read – I’ve said it before but Moral Fibres readers really are the very best.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know that I am returning to the blog. It’s not my information to share, so apologies for the very vague nature of my departure. All I can say is that we got some very unexpected bad news, and it’s safe to say it’s been a bit of a tough old time. Taking three months out from the blog was in hindsight a good move all round, and now I’m ready for a bit more normality.

While a lot of things will stay the same, there will be some minor changes ahead, with some new blog post formats planned and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about various issues surrounding the sustainability sector which I’m looking to explore. As always your constructive feedback and input is always welcome and appreciated.

Lookout for the first post coming soon, and thanks so much for sticking around!



Taking a Break

Hello, I just wanted to pop on here today to let you know that I’m taking a break from the blog. I had initially planned to just slope off quietly, but I’ve been blogging here on environmental issues for nearly 7 years. I know that some of you have been reading along for a large part of this time, so it didn’t feel right to just disappear into the ether.

I will be back at some point. Right now though there’s something more pressing in my personal life that needs my full attention, so I won’t be updating the blog, or my social media channels, or answering emails at this time. The blog takes up a lot of my time and energy that needs to be elsewhere at the moment, and I hope you can understand.

The blog and all its archives will stay here though – it’s not going anywhere, so feel free to have a good search if there is something in particular that you are looking for.

In the meantime, you can sign up to my free mailing list, and I will drop you an email when I’m back.

On a final note, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. You all are amazing and I’ve enjoyed your comments and emails, and everything else over the years. I’m looking forward to coming back to this wonderful community when I can.