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Hiya!  How’s your week been?  There has been a lot of BIG news this week that at times has felt a little overwhelming.  I didn’t post anything in response to the IPCC report, because where to even start, but I did post in response to the brilliant Fashion’s Dirty Secrets documentary – I put together your ultimate guide to ethical fashion.  There’s still time to catch it on iPlayer – it’s a great watch, and interesting to see how brands who say they are doing good (e.g. H&M and ASOS) still refuse to talk to the media about their environmental impact.

This week’s links:

1.  The big lie we’re told about climate change is that it’s our own fault

We left the lights on too long, didn’t close the refrigerator door, and didn’t recycle our paper. I’m here to tell you that is bullshit. If the light switch was connected to clean energy, who the hell cares if you left it on?

2.  But also, “feeling this is too big for me is no use to anyone“.

3.  What can you do?  Vote for parties with a strong environmental stance, donate and advocate for a carbon tax.

4.  Incredible.  A plastic-free shopping map of the UK.

5.  Now here’s an interesting thought for a Sunday morning – are plants conscious?

6.  Mushrooms could hold the key in saving honey bees.

7.  The definition of irony.

8.  The BBC is to show the first prime-time film on climate change since 2007.  Why an 11-year moratorium is anyone’s guess, but better late than never.  

9.  Is activism you can Instagram really going to save the planet?

10.  Finally, let’s end with an injured tortoise in it’s Lego wheelchair.  

Have a great Sunday!


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Your Ultimate Guide to Ethical Shopping

Did you catch the BBC documentary – Fashion’s Dirty Secrets?  I did, and as someone who is fairly clued up on ethical fashion, I was shocked at what I saw.  If you didn’t, it’s available for 27 more days, and I’d go as far to say it’s a must watch.

To help you, or anyone you know, who is interested in upping their ethical shopping game, I’ve put together your ultimate guide to ethical shopping packed full of useful articles, guides, and directories, created over the last 5.5 years of blogging about ethical fashion and ethical shopping here on Moral Fibres.

Feel free to bookmark and come back – I’m going to keep this page updated as I add more articles.  

ultimate guide to ethical shopping

Ethical Shopping Guides

Where to shop for secondhand clothes online – because secondhand is the best and cheapest way of shopping ethically.

35 ethical clothing brands for women – for when you want to buy new.

Men’s ethical clothing companies – because women aren’t the only drivers of fast fashion.

Women’s ethical underwear for 2018

Guide to ethical shoes

Guide to ethical backpacks

Guide to ethical wellies

Guide to ethical maternity wear

Guide to ethical swimwear

Ethical socks and tights

Ethical nightwear

Three of the best transparent brands

Ethical Shopping Tips

How to shop ethically on a budget 

How to escape from the clutches of fast fashion

Charity shop shopping tips

eBay shopping tips

The other handy eBay tip to keep up your sleeve

The best online resources to help you shop more ethically

A handy tip on how to rein in your spending

How to not go crazy in the sales

How to make sure you get value for money when you shop

The importance of decluttering

Eco clothing labels explained

A “buyerarchy” of needs

Ethical Shopping Think Pieces 

Is ethical clothing expensive?

Are any high street shops ethical?

Who gets the money from your typical £10 t-shirt?

Is vintage fur ethical?

Do share this with anyone you know interested in shopping more ethically – choosing to vote with your wallet is the very best way to show fast fashion companies that they can’t keep getting away with, quite literally, murder.