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Ethical Kids Clothing: Sale Roundup

ethical kids clothing

ethical kids clothing

I’ve written before about the importance of shopping ethically, but what if you’ve got kids? Never fear, there are loads and loads of great companies out there making some fantastic ethical kids clothing.

I know as a parent it can be difficult to justify the cost of kidswear, particularly as they grow out of things so fast.  So to go easy on your purse I’ve done a little roundup of some great ethical kids clothing that’s currently in the summer sales:

ethical kids clothes

1. Boys&Girls Stripe Top from Burp Boutique (£8, was £16 with discount code SUMMER50)

2. Boys&Girls Star Top from Burp Boutique (£7.50, was £15, with discount code SUMMER50)

3. Boys&Girls Jumper from We Love Squirrels (£12, was £24)

4. Frugi Cardigan* (£17.40, was £29.00)

ethical clothes for kids

1. Tootsa Stripe Top (£18.20, was £26)

2. Little Shrimp Leggings (£8.75, were £17.50)

3. Little Green Radicals Dress from We Love Squirrels (£9, was £18)

4. Tootsa Ice-Cream Top (£14.70, was £21)

5. Tootsa Sweatshirt (£16.20, was £27)

Hope you enjoyed this ethical kids clothing round-up.  Some of these pieces, especially the Toots MacGinty and the Boys&Girls stuff, is gender neutral so make great hand-me-downs if you have younger kids or are planning for future kids.

ps:If you’re also wondering about ethical shopping on the high street, then if you missed it, here’s an ethical guide to the high street.

Main image from Tootsa MacGinty.


*denotes an affiliate link – please see my disclosure policy for more information

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Save Energy With One Simple Step #1

Something I’m really passionate about is saving energy.  Saving energy is such a win-win for everyone – it saves you money AND helps the environment at the same time.  What’s not to love?  Even if you don’t consider yourself green in any way shape or form, then saving energy is still relevant to you as it will still benefit you and your purse.  Hooray for egalitarinism!

I know a fair bit in saving energy (I even did a course in it once), so I guess I could say I’m a qualified energy saver.  It’s no good if I just keep all that knowledge to myself, so I thought I’d start a little series in how to save energy, really really simply.  And so, every Thursday for the next little while I’ll be showing you how to save energy in just one step, without the need for any fancy equipment or the need to spend any money whatsoever.

Tip one is as simple as they come:


Yes, use a lid when cooking on the hob.

Putting a lid on your pots or saucepan when you’re cooking speeds up the cooking time, as the lid keeps the heat in the pan, where it’s needed, rather than escaping into the air.  This reduces the amount of energy required to cook your food, and stops you unnecessarily heating your kitchen rather than your food.

Simmering vegetables, cooking pasta, rice or potatoes, making soup or sauces, and boiling eggs will all benefit from a lid, and so will your pocket!

Come back next Thursday for the next easy money and environment saving tip, or better still, sign up for free to get each post delivered straight to your email inbox.  Look for the box in my sidebar, to your right.

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