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bee keeping

bee keeping

Hello hello!

Nice week?  I’ll get straight to it – there has been a lot of good environmental news this week.  High fives all round people!

1.  Tesco is to remove the best before dates from fruit and vegetables in a bid to cut consumer food waste.

2.  Ikea and India are both to eliminate single-use plastic by 2020 and 2022 respectively.

3.  Even the Pope is putting pressure on oil companies.

4.  Let’s all move to Estonia.  I hope this works because it sounds amazing.

5.  An endangered mountain gorilla population has increased in size by 25%.  Proof that conservation measures do work!

Also from around the internet:

6.  The problem with the term “ethical fashion”.

7.  A fascinating read into the future of food, and the scientists battling climate change, water scarcity, and population growth to find new ways to feed the future

8.  On sharing food with strangers.

9.  The sea is feeding human garbage back to us.  Yum.

10.  Finally, bee saving paper (or you could just make bees a simple energy saving drink).

Have a lovely Sunday!



Ethical Outdoor Adventuring Wish List

outdoor adventuring

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I may or may not have mentioned it a few times, but I have adventuring on my mind this summer. It’s been a tough few months, in more ways than one, for us and the thought of kicking back outside in the sunshine without a care in the world is very very appealing.

Of course, you don’t need much, or rather, you don’t need anything, for adventuring outdoors, save for yourself and some wide-eyed enthusiasm, and, you know, a fully charged phone just in case, but there are some things that might be nice to have or might just be downright useful to have:

ethical outdoor gear

A handy tote bag from Millican, made from recycled polyester, that converts to a rucksack at the tug of a strap for however the day’s adventuring pans out.

A  portable wood powered rocket stove for making cups of tea, or scran, out in the wild.  Can’t be without your tea, not even in the woods.  I have to confess, I am lusting after one of these bad boys so badly.

Speaking of tea, a handy flask to store said tea in.  Let it be said, I take my tea very seriously, especially so when partaking in outdoor adventures.  Or, if you don’t like tea (who even are you?!), then you could just fill it with ice cold water (also refreshing when outdoor adventuring).

Sunscreen*, because sunburn isn’t cool.  And because I burn at even a hint of a ray of sun cracking through the clouds.

Sandals, vegan ones at that, because my pair of Birkenstocks are 12 years old and still going strong.  I dare you to find a more durable pair of sandals.  Bonus points for being made of super sustainable cork.

A t-shirt with a pro-environmental slogan*, to help spread the word.

Finally, a plastic-free lunchbox for storing those all important energy giving snacks.  I confess, mine often contains Jaffa Cakes…!