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Hello!  How are you all?  September has been a busy one on the blog and I thought I’d recap:

At the start of September, I took part in the brilliant Zero Waste Week.  I kicked off the week with my guide on freezing lemons, then shared a healthy pancake recipe that’s brilliant for using up black bananas.  I then rounded up the week with my 10 easy tips to reduce food waste:

love food hate waste

 Whilst I was busy in the kitchen whipping up pancakes I took literally one minute out to make some pumpkin pie spice.  It’s the easiest thing ever, and now when you see American recipes calling for pumpkin pie spice you can whip out your own batch without having to buy spices online and have them sent over all the way from America.

Ethical Fashion

Ethical fashion has also been a big focus of September.  I’m really enjoying the Your Ethical Style series on the blog.  This month I shared two different ethical style posts from around the world – first up was Summer Edwards’ ethical style all the way from Australia, and Tilly Johnson’s ethical style from a bit closer to home – Yorkshire.  I’m always looking for contributions so if you want to take part then do let me know!

your ethical style

On the subject of clothing, I published a great guest post from Jessica of Muka Kids on clever shopping tips – specifically how to buy clothes for kids so that you get the most wear out of them as possible.  Jessica came up with some great ideas I’d never thought of before, and readers also shared some great tips in the comments section.  It’s going to be an article I come back to time and time again for sure.

Another post I’ll be coming back to is the one on Buyerarchy of Needs, which I shared last week.  Such a great ethical fashion resource (although ever so slightly controversial as it seemed to spawn a bit of debate on Facebook when I shared it there!).

buyerarchy of needs

Other Eco Musings

I also shared my trip to Scotland’s first (and only, I think) Earthship.  If you’re ever near Kinghorn and get a chance to go then you should – it’s fascinating!

And finally, I shared Leonardo DiCaprio’s brilliant climate change speech from the UN Summit on Climate Change.  It’s only 3.5 minutes long but really packs a punch.  I’d really recommend watching it and sharing it with friends.

Outside of the blog, I fitted in a few trips to the seaside:

south queensferry

This is South Queensferry, near Edinburgh.  Also, the photo at the top of the post is from there – that £1 bamboo fishing net is the best thing I’ve ever bought!

My garden kept us going in French Beans and courgettes:

french beans

Oh, and the small matter of this happened:

scottish independence referendum
yes scotland

Showing my political colours!

Consequently, I’ve not got any links to share this month as I’ve been so preoccupied with the Scottish Independence Referendum (as you can see it didn’t go as I hoped it might).  For a period everything I was reading was about the referendum – it took over everyone’s lives.

Eco News

Now that’s it over fracking is now at the forefront of my mind.  The Government wants to frack under most of central Scotland, which is bad enough in itself, but then not long after the referendum vote, it was announced the Government have passed a law whereby the land directly under our homes can be fracked without the need for our permission.

fracking sites scotland

That area within that red line is where they are selling licenses for fracking – just the most densely populated part of Scotland, where nearly 80% of the population lives.

As well as the impact on climate change and the land, there are also impacts on drinking water, air quality, and health that we are all rightly concerned about.  Most people I know are up in arms about this, and my friends and I are hoping to organise a protest march in Edinburgh soon.  I’ll let you know how that goes, and if we manage to organise it I’ll be sure to share the details of it in case any of you readers are in the area and want to come along.  It would be fantastic to have your support!

From The Archives

So although I don’t have any links this month I do have some links from the archives though that you might find useful: some really handy autumn cycling tips to help see you through the autumn, how to feed garden birds, and a great Sloe Gin recipe.

And that’s it for September!  See you guys in October!

ps: catch up on August’s post here.

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