Our quest for slow living that I sought for in August has continued through into September.  My work has been really busy so it’s been really good on days off to take things easy with no plans or places to be and just enjoy what the days bring, and watch the changing of the seasons.

Gardening This September

The tomatoes that we grew in the polytunnel on our allotment didn’t quite come to much this year.  Like the rest of the UK, summer in Edinburgh this year was a bit of a washout. The sun most definitely did not have his hat on for a great deal of the time.  Consequently, our poor tomatoes were just not ripening. So we’ve put them on a south-facing window sill and are trying to redden them up before September is out.  With another batch, we put them inside a bag with a banana and placed that on the windowsill, but that did nothing. We seem to be having a bit more luck this time around – there are definite signs of ripening!

ripening tomatoes
green tomatoes

We’ve also had a bit of bad luck with the blackberries in our garden.  I took this photo last week, and the blackberries had already gone rotten (whilst some haven’t even ripened!).  The week previously I had big plans to pick them all and make vats of jam. However, after picking a few I realised they were all mouldy on the inside.  Normally blackberries are good until the end of September, so to see this in early September was a bit of a disappointment, to say the least!  I’m thinking maybe a consequence of the poor weather this summer?

rotten blackberries

The weather hasn’t been all doom and gloom though. We have had some lovely days this month.  So whilst battling sore throats and other bugs brought home from nursery school, we’ve got out in the garden and enjoyed the warm September sunshine and fresh air. We’ve also been bubble-blowing – all the bubble-blowing!

blowing bubbles

Garden Updates

We’ve improvised a bit with a green roof for our bike shed for just now.  We have so many projects going on in the house. Next week the old kitchen is being ripped out and a new kitchen installed. As such, I think it’s a project for next summer.  This is the next best thing for now!  (Also on the list, finish painting the bike shed and trimming the roof felt before September is out!).

makeshift green roof

This week our new kitchen units and appliances are being delivered in advance of the joiner coming next week, so this is the calm before the storm that is major home upheavals.  Our house is quite small so we have nowhere to store the new units, etc, but in our living room, so that’s going to be fun.  We also need to set up a temporary kitchen in our living room too – microwave cooking for a week!

What have you been up to this month so far?

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