stay warm in bed

With the autumnal nights getting cooler, today I’ve got a simple tip on how to stay warm in bed without increasing your heating bills.

And yes, if you read my recent post on do you need a sleep tracker, then I am definitely all about sleep lately.  My littlest one is teething and has had a stinky cold, so needless to say no-one is getting much sleep in our house.  Hence why all the thoughts about sleep!

Anyway, enough about my sleep deprivation and back to staying warm in bed this autumn and winter.

How to Stay Warm In Bed

This tip on how to stay warm in bed could also be titled: “a simple tip for marital harmony”.  It’s multipurpose, I do like a good two for one.

The secret to staying warm in bed is simple. In fact, it couldn’t be simpler – just size up your duvet.  So if you have a double bed, then instead of opting for a double duvet, switch to a king-size duvet.  And if you have a king-size bed, then switch to a super king-sized duvet.

Why does this work? Well, this way there is enough duvet to go round. Especially if one of you (ahem, me) is a duvet hog.  It’s a bedtime game changer, I promise.

We’ve done this duvet trick since we’ve been together. I’ve found it definitely helps minimise the duvet hog arguments. And it does a great job at keeping you both warm in bed.  It’s also great if small children have a habit of creeping into your bed of a morning – there’s always plenty of duvet to go round.

Won’t it look odd?

In case you’re worried, I promise that a larger duvet doesn’t look weird. And, no it doesn’t present a trip hazard, as it doesn’t trail on the ground either.  I honestly wouldn’t go back to having a double duvet on a double bed again.

If I’ve convinced you of the benefits, and you’re in the market to size up your duvet and bedding, then here’s a handy guide to ethical bedding that I put together a little while ago that you might find useful.

Do you have any other tips on how to stay warm in bed this winter?  

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