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About Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres is a UK based eco-blog, aimed at promoting sustainable living in an accessible and stylish manner.

Written by Wendy Graham, a sustainability expert and published author, posts seek to maintain a positive and inspiring atmosphere, where people can draw encouragement and ideas to live greener lives, without being preached to.

Moral Fibres would love to help promote your brand/business/blog within this atmosphere and is open to advertisements, sponsored posts, and giveaways from businesses and organisations that fit the general eco-friendly ethos and values of the blog.  With a readership of socially aware and ethical consumers, Moral Fibres is a great platform to help grow your business profile and brand with the people you would like to reach.

As Featured In

as-featured-inTo Work With Me

Please contact me on for my media kit and to discuss options and prices.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Please note, I value sustainable business partnerships that work for both of us, so do not work for free.

What I Don’t Cover/Publish

Requests for me to work for free

Foreign holidays – I focus on UK travel only.

Subscription box services

Single-use plastic products

Meat-based products

Commercial guest posts

Anything unrelated to green-living

As Moral Fibres is a one-person operation and my time is in short supply, I am unable to reply to emails pertaining to these themes.   

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