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Staying healthy during the winter months can be really difficult – no-one wants to go outside and brave the icy cold weather.  And who wants to eat a salad when it’s freezing?  It’s all about hot stews and comfort food!

No matter what age you are, keeping fit during the cold winter months in Britain is always a challenge.  McCarthy & Stone have fantastic information on how to help older people get into the groove of keeping fit, but for everyone else, here are some great tips on maintaining your fitness levels this winter:

Yoga and Pilates

This is a great way to keep your muscles limber and conquer any stress you may be feeling.  Pilates also works to create strong core muscles that greatly improve posture.  If you can’t get to a class you can easily do this in your own home by watching a DVD tutorial that will teach and guide you through the exercises.


If you have access to an indoor pool or there is a leisure centre nearby, use it!  Swimming is great for keeping in shape and also has great health benefits for those suffering with asthma.  There has also been research conducted in the US to prove that those individuals who swim regularly live longer, so get involved!


Yes, believe it or not that social activity we all love to do on a Friday night is great at keeping us fit and healthy – burning calories whilst having a laugh with your friends.  Dancing also works in the same way – so have fun whilst you’re keeping warm and staying healthy.

Nintendo Wii

Yes, your kids have got it right – their Wii has been found to be a fantastic way at keeping in shape; especially if it’s too cold to go outside.  They have been proven to boost fitness and offer many health benefits.


A simple yet effective way to remain healthy when it’s cold and all you want to eat are carbohydrates is to make sure you always take the stairs.  This allows you to burn a large amount of calories and in turn lowers your chances of heart disease.  It also guarantees great legs for the summer!

With these options available, there is no reason you can’t stay fit and healthy this winter.