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Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids This Christmas

big picture press maps
big picture press maps

This ethical gift ideas for kids post contains affiliate links

For my last installment of my ethical Christmas gift guides, I’ve put together some ethical gift ideas for kids.  Now, the thing that I’m realising as a parent is that from a very young age kids have very firm ideas of what they would like for Christmas.  Last year my then two-year-old really really wanted a red scooter (specifically red) and a purple doctors kit (specifically purple). This year she really really wants a pink bike with a bike seat on the back from her doll and a basket on the front.

So, rather than suggest those kind of big gifts (because I’m sure you’ve got that covered) I’m here to suggest little gift ideas, costing no more than £26.  Whether you’re a parent looking for a little eco-friendly stocking filler, or a grandparent, relative, or friend looking to buy a small ethical gift for a child, this guide should help you out!  As always I’ve tried to source items straight from the maker, or from independent shops:

Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

ethical kids gift ideas

From clockwise:

1)  Wooden Rabbit Stacking Toy (£10). I came across the Sarah & Bendrix online shop quite recently and was immediately struck by the fantastic selection of beautiful toys.  I will definitely be back for a visit next Christmas when our second little pudding will be celebrating his/her first Christmas. I’m making a mental note to purchase this stunning stacking toy.  It looks like a real hand-me-down piece, yet only £10.

2)  Sequin Crown (£15). Perfect for little boys and girls to play King and Queen dress up.

3)  Puppy Egg Cup (£4). Again, the Little Maldod online shop was a recent Instagram find for me. As such, I have a feeling my bank balance is going to suffer when the new little one comes along (in five weeks, eek!) as I stock up on incredibly gorgeous kids’ gear.  This egg cup is such a cute way to encourage kids to eat their breakfast!

4)  Bunny Rattle (£5.99). Again from Little Maldod. Do you see what I mean? Their pieces are all so beautiful and so reasonably priced!

5)  Monty The Fox (£26). Sara Carr’s knitted soft toys are just stunning.  My daughter has a Sara Carr animal that I bought her when she was born, and it’s been a favourite of hers ever since!

For Bigger Kids

ethical kids christmas gift guide

6)  Unicorn T-Shirt (£12). For older kids, this unicorn t-shirt from Lost Shapes is sure to be a firm favourite!

7)  Bird Bingo (£14.17). What a fun way to learn about different species of birds!

8)  Lego Figure Crayons (£3.50 for 6). For any Lego fanatics out there this would make a great stocking filler!

9)  Maps (£14.54). We have this book, it’s beautiful to look at and fun to read.

10)  Animalium (£13.21) and Animalium Activity Book (£6.04). This is such a fun and stimulating way to find out more about the natural world around us.  I secretly want this for me!!

That’s the last of my ethical Christmas gift ideas posts. I hope you’ve found them useful and perhaps discovered some new makers or new independent shops.  I always enjoy putting these guides together for you – I do love a bit of window shopping!!

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Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas #3

norwegian wood lars mytting
norwegian wood lars mytting

This post contains affiliate links

I’m back with the third in my series of four ethical Christmas gift guides, this time with one with a more manly focus (although there are a few things on this list that I’d actually quite like myself – hello ghillie kettle and nice whisky, but I might pass on the beard oil, thank you!).  Where possible I’ve tried to sought ethical Christmas items out from independent stores rather than big chains. And as always I’ve kept things purse friendly – there’s nothing on here over £45, with items starting from just £8.

Ethical Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

ethical gifts for men

From clockwise:

1)   Mighty Wallet (£14.99) – made of recyclable material and rather stylish to boot.  They come in heaps of different designs/patterns but I’m really quite taken with the map design.

2)  Ghillie Kettle from Nordic Outdoor (£45.95) – spend a lot of time at the allotment, or camping?  This Ghille Kettle would be the dream then!  It’s certainly a dream of mine!

3)  Klean Kanteen Water Bottle (£22) – I’ve tried a lot of water bottles out and this is my favourite.  BPA-free, plastic-free, paint-free, it’s just made from stainless steel, food grade silicone, and bamboo and is incredibly durable.

4)  Norwegian Wood by Lars Mytting (£13.58) – so, I must be on to something with this as I made a note to feature this book in this guide as it sounded pretty interesting, then the other night my partner mentioned that he’d been reading about this book and it sounded good!  So if you buy this international bestseller and get brownie points then you can thank me later!

5)  Sore Muscle Salve (£14) – this warming muscle rub for runners, walkers, riders, and more sounds pretty divine.  It’s made with tobacco-infused oil for relieving muscle cramps and spasms and cayenne which brings the heat, making muscles more pliable and easing aches.

More Ideas

ethical christmas gifts for men

8)  Leather iPad Cover (£38.54) – I love the old-school style of this iPad case.

9)  Benromach Organic Whisky (£44) – Benromach is a pretty good whisky and I believe this is the first Soil Association certified organic whisky.

10)  DIY Ukelele Kit (£37.50) – is he musical?  Likes building things?  Then this would be the perfect gift!

11)  Beard Oil (£9.95) – for any bearded chaps out there!

12)  Booze For Free by Andy Hamilton (£8.08) – my partner has this book and it’s definitely a firm favourite.  Andy really knows his stuff and his recipes (over 100 of them!) are easy to follow.

One last guide to follow very shortly for kids, then I’m done!

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